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Anger, In Secret, and Enthusiasm,

anger faceApril 4, 2017 – Anger

There are very few people that I have met that don’t get angry, or do they? It is very possible that they hide their angry moments from others because they know they need to be an example and showing anger is not a very good example.

I have my angry moments. I would be a liar if I said I didn’t, but over the years they have decreased because I have come to realize that the things I got angry about weren’t worth the time and effort. I may have moments where something doesn’t sit just right with me but I avoid those feelings of anger as often as I can.

When you are in constant pain from one condition or another, it is very easy to become tense and to take out your frustrations on others. Doing this can often lead to angry words being tossed back and forth, words that you never had any intention of saying. It is a defense type mechanism that is inherent in almost all humans when they are involved in displeasing and angry situation.

But, by realizing that others are not the reason for your pain and by realizing that you are stressed out and need to get control of it, you can often avoid these anger filled events. If I am feeling bad, I tend to draw away from people for awhile, a tend to try and deal with it on my own

That’s not to say that I have never taken my frustration out on others for I most certainly have, many times, but like any other worthwhile effort, you practice. So for years and ongoing I practice trying to control my frustration, trying not to take it out on innocent parties, and sometimes that is easier if I draw away for a little while.

I do not like the way anger makes me feel. I feel like I am about to explode inside. My heart rate goes up, my face turns red, my breathing becomes labored and I just want to strike out at someone. In my opinion, anger is one of the worst feelings we humans experience. Today I am thankful that the lord has been teaching me over the years to control my anger, to realize there is nothing worth getting angry about and to control the feelings of anger that come with my medical frustrations.

Fantasy trees2222April 5, 2017 – In Secret

We all want God’s blessings and we lift up our hearts in praise when he answers our prayers in the way that we want. We expect him to honor his word that whatever we ask in Christ name, we shall receive, however there is one thing we must do for that to happen, we must have the faith that he will do what he says. He can see your heart, hear your every word, look into your thoughts so he knows if you have enough faith to believe he will honor his word.

I could never, in a thousand years, list all the blessings I have received from the lord. I could never list all the prayers he has answered. Even if they weren’t answered exactly the way I wanted, they were answered according to his will and for the best of all concerned.

But what many don’t realize is that God doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t say “I’ve done enough for today” or “I think I will go on vacation for awhile”. No, he is on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. He is always watching, listening, and acting in our best interests.

But it doesn’t stop at him bestowing the blessings that we expect or ask for, it doesn’t stop when he answers our prayers. He is always working in secret, setting up other blessings, other surprises for us because he loves us so very much. Today I am thankful for all his blessings, but I am also thankful for the secret ones, the ones he does because he loves me, not because I asked.

laughterApril 6, 2017 – Enthusiasm

Merriam Webster describes enthusiasm as a strong excitement of Feeling. Have you observed the enthusiasm of a small child when he/she is at play. Have you seen how excited they get as they put their imagination to work, figuring out puzzles, creating new adventures or discovering something new that they haven’t seen or experienced before.

And, you have probably felt enthusiasm many times in your life. For some people it is finally being approved for their first home or car, for others it might be the early phases of parenthood, and still for others, their enthusiasm is wrapped up in the sports they participate in or watch.

I remember one pastor preaching on a Sunday morning, saying he just couldn’t understand how so many people get so enthusiastic about the Super Bowl but not show one iota of enthusiasm for their God. He was one of the few that I have observed that had sincere enthusiasm for our creator.

Think about it for a minute. We will jump up and down, scream and holler, laugh cry, hug each other, pat each other on the back when we go to a concert or our team makes a touch down, yet we sit in the church pews with a sober look on our face, as if we are enduring some punishment or are bored to tears.

I get enthused about the return of Jesus, every morning when I read my bible. I have often though it would be interesting to watch the tribulation unfold, but I will be in heaven waiting to return with Jesus for the millennium. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Christians are not more enthusiastic about that event. Have we become so material oriented that something that momentous just doesn’t excite us? Today I am thankful for the enthusiasm I feel about Jesus and his return.

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