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Happy Feet, Birthdays, The Cross and Three Days

Legs in SPA

April 12, 2017 – Happy Feet

I’ve always used my feet a lot. It seems that no matter where I worked, office, warehouse or on the road, I had to be on my feet a lot. I didn’t have the option of sitting all the time. In the office, on one I had to run up and down two flights of stairs several times to offices on the second floor. In the warehouse, even though I had an office, I had to be out in the ware house looking for items or putting stock away, and on the road I was running in an out of court houses all day.

Even as a child, I loved to use my feet. I loved to run through the woods, jump over things and climb trees. It High school I joined the gymnastic team and again had to use my feet for my routines. My feet have been very important to me.

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis years ago, but it mostly affected my neck, shoulders and upper back. Recently my feet swelled up like balloons and it took my own research and several doctors an several office visits before I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis can travel through your whole body, not just the joints, but the hands and feet are the two areas that are attacked most often.

While I don’t like to take chemically based prescriptions, in this case they became necessary. While I have adjusted to the not so pleasant side effects, the feet have gotten better. The arthritis couple with gout and plantar fasciitis cause pain almost every morning as soon as my feet hit the floor, but there are those days when I am pain free. I call them my Happy Feet Days. Today I am thankful for the days that I have Happy Feet.

birthday cakeApril 13, 2017 – Birthdays

We are a race of individuals who like to celebrate anything we possibly can. From the minute we are born until the day we die, one of the most important ones to us seem to be our birthday. We tend to spoil our children on that special day, buy special presents for our adult friends and relatives, throw parties, picnics and barbecues and many, who enjoy the spirits will meet at their favorite bars.

For some, the birthday celebration never ends. Even when loved ones pass away, we still celebrate their birthday in remembrance of what they meant to us. We don’t throw the parties or have the picnics, but we will assuredly post a birthday wish on social media or remind other relatives and friends about the date.

When you are young you look forward to those birthdays especially when you turn 18 because it signifies that under the law you are considered an adult and then the 21st rolls around and you are now of the legal age to drink alcohol.

As we age, some of us don’t want to celebrate our birthdays because we are afraid of getting older, because the older we get, the closer we get to death. But, if you know Christ, if you have received him as your savior, you realize that death is just a doorway to a better, longer lasting, healthier and happier life. Each year brings us closer to being with our Lord. Today I am thankful for all the birthdays I can celebrate of those I love, and thankful for the memories of birthdays of those who are gone, and thankful that each of my own birthdays brings me closer to my lord.

EasterApril 14, 2017 – The Cross

The cross has long been a symbol of our saviors death, of his sacrifice for our sins. He gave up his own life as the final sacrifice so we could be forgiven and have the promise of everlasting life with him. I don’t know about anyone else, but I know if someone had come to me and said “you must let your son die in a cruel way, crucified on a cross to save mankind” I would be looking for alternatives.

I am a weak human. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be and I would fight to the death for the lives of those I love, so if someone told me that, I would be trying to negotiate, trying to find another way to save the human race. I would even go so far as to ask God to grant us another way to be saved.

Can you imagine how the author of all love felt, looking down at what his son was going through, seeing him scourged, seeing him whipped and seeing him nailed to the cross. Can you imagine the agony he felt, the pain and suffering he endured as his son endured it? The though of it just breaks my heart, but he did it, he ordered it in order that his other children, us, could be forgiven and have everlasting life with him.

If not for the crucified Jesus on the cross, we could not be forgiven of our sins. We could not live our lives with the promise of eternal life in a new glorified body that would never hurt, never be sick again. We would not have the assurance that we would never have a broken heart, that we would never suffer from a disease, that we would live forever if it wasn’t for the son who was nailed to the cross. Today I am thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for my sins.

Jesus 002

Drawing of Angels taking Jesus off the cross by Richard Carter

April 15, 2017 – Three Days

No one knows for sure where Jesus was for three days before he was resurrected. Many believe that he went to Hades to visit the spiritually bound prisoners there, not to preach the gospel to them because they had already made their choice, but to show them the truth, the result and completion of so many prophecies.

For three days he may have laid in that tomb or he may have been about the fathers business elsewhere. Because no one visited the tomb until three days after his death, it may never be known for sure where he was. Three days after his death Mary Magdeline and another came to further prepare his body and he was gone. He appeared a little later to Mary and she ran to the disciples to tell them.

The bible holds a lot of information and a lot of history. It sets the rules by which are to live and how we are to serve God. The coming of Jesus, his ministry, his suffering, his execution and his resurrection were all prophesied long before he actually was born.

I for one do not think it is that important to know exactly where he was for three days, whether he was still in the tomb or in hades or in heaven conversing with the father. What matters is that the prophecies were true. He came to free us from our sins. He died as the final sacrifice and three days later came back to life.

There have been many events where people were pronounced dead and then came back to life, but that was within a few minutes. No human has ever been dead for three days and then resurrected. Today I am thankful for the three days that proved all the prophecies true.

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