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Death Defeated, Spring has Sprung and Good Friends and Neighbors

EasterApril 16, 2017 – Death Defeated

There have been many times in a lot of peoples life where they feel they have cheated death. I can name several incidents in mine where I cam very close to dying. I thought, for some of them, it was through my own instincts and will to survive that I cheated death. When I became a Christian my eyes were soon opened to the fact that it was not myself who cheated death but the watchful hand of God because he had other plans for me.

He has a vast number of angels, too many to count, that he sends out on special missions. Some are sent to protect, some to deliver a message, and others to urge people to take the right path in life. The Holy spirit is our all time resource for guidance and protection, ever dwelling around us and in us as Jesus promised.

The few times I had a gun pointed at my head, I thought it was my actions or my words with the person holding the gun that caused them not to shoot. When I felt someones hands around my throat, I thought it was my pleading and begging that stopped them from coking me to death. Now I realize that God held their finger off the trigger and loosened their grip on my throat.

A friend of mine was poisoned and had died. They were getting ready to tag him when a women put her hand on his chest and said “we are not giving up on him yet” and his body jumped. Everyone ran around to get him stabilized because his heart had started again, and 15 days later he left the hospital, still alive. We both believe it was an angel sent by God in human form for no one knew her and she disappeared right afterward, never to be seen again.

I’ve read on several occasions of people who were pronounced dead only to start breathing and their heart to start beating within minutes of the pronouncement. These are true miracles, the same kind that Jesus performed while he was here with us in human form. They happen every day but you very rarely hear about them because the News Media would rather post all that is bad with this world.

But, even with all of these miraculous cheats on death, I know of only one who has defeated death, only one who was actually buried and came back to life several day later. That one is Jesus. He is the only one in all of earth’s history beside Lazarus to come from the tomb several days after being buried, and he is the one who brought Lazarus back.

Easter is the celebration of his resurrection. It is the celebration of him defeating death and returning to the living to prove to us all that he is indeed the son of God, that he is indeed the last sacrifice for our sins, that he is indeed the way to eternal love and life. Today I am thankful that Jesus defeated death.

blue butterlyApril 17, 2017 – Spring has Sprung

The Formosa tree in back finally has leaves and blooms on it. The grass has been growing like crazy because of all the rain we have had. The dandelions this year are totally out of control, and almost every tree has new leaves on it.

I saw a monarch flying around the front porch this morning and a yellow butterfly in the back while I was putting out seed for the birds. Yesterday a momma sparrow had two of her young ones down on the deck trying to teach them how to pick up grain. They attempted several times but weren’t quite getting the hang of it so she started putting the food in their mouths.

The doves and robins are back, so are the four cardinals and the four bluejays, who really have kind of hung around most of the winter. Mrs. Beasley seems to want to wait until we lay down for our nap before she comes for her sunflower seeds and this time we got her some peanuts, figuring they would be too big for the birds to take away.

As I sit and look at the patches of blue sky, getting bluer each day, and I listen to the chirping of all the different little birds that like to sit in the bush outside the office window, I have a sense of excitement and peace, at the same time, wash over me. New life has begun and it is so awesome to see it grow. Today I am thankful that Spring has sprung!!

Mrs. BeasleyApril 18, 2017 – Good Friends and Neighbors

When I lived in some of the over populate concrete jungles, which I have done for most of my adult life, I rarely paid much attention to the neighbors. Sometimes it just wasn’t wise to let them know too much about you because of who they were.

For instance, I lived next door to an apartment where the living room window opened into a small, narrow space. Across from there was the neighbors window and in the small space was a ladder going to the roof. I was told that the ladder was there for her sons to get up on the roof and hide whenever the police came looking for them.

In another neighborhood, while living in the front apartment, I found out that the young men living in the back apartment were thieves. They actually vandalism my car because I didn’t want to move it from in front of an abandoned set of garages across the street. It turned out that they were taking their stolen cars in there, late at night, to tear them down. They were actually shot at while out in the store from a gang member across the street because they had broken into his place and stolen some of his gold chains.

Living in this rural town, even though we have a small share of crime, I have been blessed to have people living next to me, who for the most part are friendly, mind their own business and obey the laws. It is quiet here, they don’t do a bunch of partying and they are friendly and respectful to all who live around them.

We have friends at the hospital, who are more like family. Everyone knows us on a first name basis and treat us as if we were having a family visit, talking with us about family gatherings, what their children are doing and how their farms and gardens are going. Some of them even bring in some of their produce to give to us because they have an abundance and want to share.

Even the gentleman who comes to mow and weed eat our yard stops to pass a few moments of his day with us and we have passed little bits of knowledge and information back and forth. It is such a blessing to go to sleep at night, knowing I have nothing to fear from my neighbors and to realize I now have more true friends in my live than I have ever had before. Today I am thankful for good friends and neighbors.

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