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New Life, Past Sins, and One More Year

hen and chicksApril 25, 2017 – New Life

There is nothing more precious than new life. When a mother and father look at and hold their just born child, there is such a feeling of wonder, awe and happiness that courses through their veins. They, with the help of God, through their acts of love help create this new life. It is the same in just about every species. When a mother squirrel gives birth, she does not leave the nest until the babies are ready to go out on their own. The father will hunt and search and bring back the food necessary to keep his family going.

I have witnessed many different birds in our back yard, teaching them to fly, nudging them to move. I’ve watched them teach them how to look for food, how to pick out the best morsels from the birdseed we put out. I’ve watched them dive bomb other birds that have dared to go near their young.

I’ve watched plants grow from seeds, some that I planted and nourished myself, watering them, feeding them, talking to them as if they were my own children, which in a round-a-bout way they are. I’ve watched them develop and produce flowers, vegetables and fruit, giving back to the person who nursed them along.

No matter where you are in your life, you can experience new life. Whether your children are grown and moved away, even if you can’t grow plants or don’t have the beauty of nature close by you, you, too can experience new life within yourself.

Once you ask Jesus in to your heart, new life begins inside of you. You find that you no longer desire the sinful habits of your old life. You feel renewed, energized, hopeful and peaceful all at the same time. You begin to believe that your life has purpose after all. Today I am thankful to witness all the new life around me and to be living the new life Jesus gave me.

older woman prayingApril 26, 2017 – Past Sins

This subject has arisen in many conversations. Although we don’t know everything about God that we would want to know, there is still a large majority of people who believe that their suffering, whether physical, emotional or spiritual is some kind of punishment from God. This isn’t true at all. Although God did make some of his children suffer for their sins in the early days of this earth, that all went away when he sent his son to be our redeemer, to be the intermediary between us and God, allowing us to be forgiven of our sins.

When I was reading in the John Hagee prophecy bible the other morning, I ran across a foot note that explains that mankind’s suffering does not come from a loving god, but is the way the that Satan would attempt to shake our faith in God. If you remember your bible, all the sufferings of Job were caused by Satan.

He would do anything to turn us away from God, including trying to make us believe that God is the reason we suffer. Another trick he uses, and uses it as often as possible is to make a person believe that they are not forgiven. He brings up past sins, some so terrible that we wouldn’t want to repeat them to anyone, and then puts the question in our head “how can God forgive me of that?” or “Has God really forgiven me of that?”

Even when we go through tough times, it is sometimes hard to believe that God would allow some of the suffering that happens, but remember some of our suffering is the results of mistakes we made or other around us have made, but in the end God will work it out for the best. He may use our faith during bad times as examples to bring more of his children home. Just remember, no matter what you go through, he has forgiven your sins and your suffering is not punishment from God for your mistakes, and in the end you will suffer no more. Today I am thankful my past sins have been forgiven.

birthday cakeApril 27, 2017 – One More Year

Today I celebrated my 65th birthday, well the way I celebrate anyhow. Birthday celebrations don’t mean a whole lot to me. I am thankful for those who do remember, but I hold no ill feelings to those who forget. To me, it is just another day in my life, another day closer to seeing my lord.

I try to remember everyone’s birthday’s, the best that I can, but there are times when I am late or actually end forgetting for a month or two, then I am really late. I remember one year, things were so busy that I entirely forgot my little sisters birthday, I got confused and sent her a birthday card two months later. For some reason I forgot it was on January 15th and sent it to her on Marsh 15th.

I don’t expect anyone to do anything for my birthday. As I said, it is just another day, another day closer to being with the lord. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a death wish, I enjoy everyday that I am alive, but as I get older I realize that time is getting shorter.

It was nice to see so many messages on my Facebook page from friends and relatives wishing me a Happy Birthday and my little sis, like she always does, brought me the perfect present, a bunch of different plants to put out in my yard. I do appreciate that so many remembered me on this day.

While I do look forward to the day I meet Jesus face to face, I still have a lot to do before I leave this life, so today I am thankful for one more year to be around those I love and care for

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