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Catching Up Again

I know that I am way behind, but things were pretty busy the last few weeks, however I did not neglect writing down my “thankful” topics for each day. I hope to be completely caught up in the next few days.

farmsApril 28, 2017 – Farmers

Several times in my life I lived on or visited farms. I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, nature, animals and trying to grow things. A few times in my life I really wanted to have my own farm. I didn’t want anything huge, just something small with a few goats, a few horses, a few sheep, some chickens and ducks and of course a cow or two.

Of course I would have to have a good sized garden because I would want to grow my own food. My mom always had a garden when we lived in Pueblo. We used grab raw green beans, tomatoes and cucumbers off the plants, brush off the dirt and munch on them.

I could easily imagine myself pulling the weeds, gathering the produce and canning it in my kitchen. I dreamed of making apple pies from my own apples and having fresh salads from my own garden. I didn’t want much, just a few acres where I could be almost completely self sufficient.

As things turned out, I never had my farm and for most of life there was no place or time for a garden, but even today, when my little container garden only seems to want to grow tomatoes, I love farm fresh produce. I stop at the small produce stands during the summer and partake of the freshest veggies and fruits around.

Imagine if there were no farms? Where would we get our food? Even though the food in the grocery stores are mainly from commercial farms, if there were no farms it would be very hard to survive, to have enough food to eat because we would all have to try to grow our own in our little back yards. Today I am thankful for farmers.

New-Years-EveApril 29, 2017 – Days Off

When I lived by myself, I used to love it when Saturday rolled around. Unless I was asked to work overtime hours, it was my only completely free day. I would pick up groceries I needed Friday after work, put gas in the car and maybe rent a movie or two.

When Saturday morning rolled around, depending on where I lived at the time, I would either go out to the flea markets or the mall. On some days, especially in winter, I would hang around the house, straighten up a bit and make it a reading or TV day.

Being disabled doesn’t seem to have slowed down anything. There are several days with appointments at the hospital for infusions, doctors office visits, store visits, checking on mom and other trips here and there. There is no set day off since the infusions are done every 48 hours, so there is always one weekend day that we are at their mercy, for we have to call and wait until they thin out to get in there to have it done.

But, every so often we just collapse and say, it’s time for a day off. We pick a day when there are no appointments, Stock up on grocery items the night before, turn off the phone, and take a day off from the whole world. Today I am thankful for days off.

garden plants 002

My Tomato Plant Last Year

April 30, 2017 – Growing Things

My mother and both my sisters always seem to have a green thumb. They could grow just about anything, trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits or vegetables. I didn’t inherit this gift. I could buy the most beautiful plants and flowers, follow the instructions on how to take care of them and still within a week they would shrivel up and die.

I’ve had more luck since I moved to Missouri. I have actually managed to keep several house plants alive for over 6 years and have been trying my hand at growing some veggies during the hot summer months. Last year I had a pretty good crop of tomatoes, but my squash, cucumbers and peppers didn’t quite like me and all withered away.

The house plants are still surviving and really looking pretty good. I just got them put out on the porch today. I still need to get some flowers out there and will do that in the next week or so. I love to grow things. Today I am thankful for the things I have managed to grow.

libraryMay 1, 2017 – Books

I love to read. Mysteries, science fiction, tales of the odd or bizarre, supernatural, stories of knights in not so shining armor and history are some of my favorites. I love to read my bible every morning. For years I had difficulty understanding it, but as of lately it has become easier to understand.

While most preachers today preach mainly from the New Testament, I still love reading the Old Testament as well. I love to read about the prophets of old, about the wanderings and travels of the children of God, their trials and tribulations and all the battles that the Kings fought. Each time I read them again, they become much more interesting.

I have collected the fictional works of the Left Behind Series, all twelve books. The way they are written describes so vividly what it may be like after the rapture. Using fictional characters they describe the birth and rising of the Anti-Christ. They show all the trials and tribulations, all the struggles to just survive that new Christians will have to face and they end it with the Glorious Appearing of Jesus.

I would love to see the Glorious Appearing of Jesus and I would love to see him defeat Satan’s Armies in the Valley of Megiddo but I don’t expect to be here when that happens because I will be in the rapture. Those taken in the rapture might be able to view all of this from Heaven, I don’t know, but it would be a sight to see. Books allow you to escape from your present day worries and transport you to another place and time Today I am thankful for books.

May 2, 2017 – Electricity

lighteningWe all have experienced losses of electricity during storms, but can you imagine what it would be like to live every day without it? Did you know that there are still some civilizations, some sections in different countries, and even small areas in the US that do not have electricity? There are.

We have become so spoiled with all the technical advancements of this age that I dare say that if we lost electricity for a longer amount of time than what happens during a bad storm, we would probably become a race of very angry, very bored, and very agitated beings.

We would have to revert back to older times when you had no choice but to cook over an open fire, where you lighted lanterns or candles to have any kind of light at night. We would have to revert to walking or using oxen or horse drawn carts again since most gas stations now have computerized electrical pumps. We would have to carry our own water since most pumping stations now run on electricity.

We would have to find our own sources of food since the trucks that deliver it wouldn’t be able to put fuel in their tanks to deliver the goods to us, and the amount of food would diminish because all the warehouses, electrical pumping systems at dairies and warming lights in hatcheries wouldn’t work anymore. All of that would have to be done by hand. Just about everything we have today runs on some form of electricity. Today I am thankful for electricity.

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