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Inventions and Libraries

appliancesMay 3, 2017 – Inventions

There was a time in our history when appliances didn’t exist. I know, everyone knows that, but do you ever think what it would be like without them. Imagine having to salt all your meat and dry it to preserve it. Think about what it would be like to have to drink lukewarm beverages all the time, no more cola over ice. How would your back feel after beating your clothes on a rock all day down by the river?

What if the wheel had never been discovered? Can you imagine a cart or wagon without a round wheel, and what if the cart or wagon had never been discovered? Can you imagine life without cars, buses, trains, and planes? Can you even fathom how long it would take to walk the five miles to the store and back? And what of the stores? How would they be able to keep food cold for days or weeks on end and how would they get food delivered to them?

In the early days, even further back than the biblical days, nothing had been invented. By the time of Jesus the wheel had been invented and chariots and carts were in use. There were cities where aqueducts were built to bring water into the city and dams were already constructed to keep the water close. For the most part, the poor traveled by foot and clothes were still washed on stones by the rivers edge.

Today, we enjoy all the advantages on inventions, from the motor car to the refrigerator. From the phone to the washer, from the stove to the television and so much more. We are a spoiled race of people in most places, even though there are areas in this world that have the privilege having all of these. Today I am thankful for inventions.

libraryMay 4, 2017 – Libraries

I was a Junior Librarian for six years in Junior High and High school. Every study hall period, you wouldn’t find me in the cafeteria doing homework or assignments, they were usually already done before I left a class. No, you would find me in the library, shelving books, looking at books, tagging and labeling books.

Usually before I left for the day, I had already checked out several books to read. Reading was and still is one of the hobbies I have always loved. During the hot summer months, I would walk around Pueblo on many days, with my nose stuck in a book. I didn’t sit on a bench or swing unless I stopped at the school yard. I literally walked down the street reading.

It was not unusual for me to read a book a day during those long hot days and it wasn’t unusual for me to read several books a week during the school months. I’ve always enjoyed going to the library, in fact I tried to get a job at the public library before I got out of High School but they weren’t hiring junior librarians, they wanted someone with a college degree.

I still love to go to the library. I can spend hours in there, just flipping through the books, looking up titles and subjects on the computer, and then finally picking the seven I am allowed and hurrying home to start reading them. I can’t imagine a world with out books, without libraries. Today I am thankful for libraries.

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