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Health, The Kindness of Others, Warmer Days

awardMay 5, 2017 – Health

I wasn’t really a sickly child. I was born with asthma and while my older sister told me in later years that I had some horrendous attacks, there are very few that I remember. I spent six years in foster homes and during that time only had one attack and it was brought on by emotion.

I went home to mom, she insisted that I still had severe asthma, I guess because she remembered the attacks from earlier childhood. She had me released from all exerting activities in physical education class until she remarried, and then my asthma was completely forgotten, and I didn’t have any attacks.

For the majority of my life, my health seemed pretty good. Most times I never had to go see a doctor for anything. There were emergency room visits but most of those were for head x-rays or stitches because I was stuck in an abusive relationship.

I had the occasional cold, a few bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia one time. But basically I was a pretty healthy person. Today I suffer from several diseases that are common for someone my age. I still have mild asthma, but it is controlled, I have mild COPD and it is controlled. I have osteoarthritis in different areas of my body, and recently was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

I have chronic migraines, another left over result of the abusive relationship, but I have learned on my own how to treat them. Because of my hypersensitivity, I am allergic or have had adverse reactions to most of the medications they have tried on me.

Sure, I wake up with headaches often and my feet hurt every day, but for the most part I suffer more from medicinal side effects than anything. I had my bout with uterine cancer, but it was caught so early on that they were able to eliminate all of it with a total hysterectomy. Today I am thankful to be as healthy as I am.

Jesus with children 2May 6, 2017 – Kindness of Others

Kindness was not a major part of my early life. I ended up living with and around some very cruel people for a long time. Kindness just wasn’t in their vocabulary and it often made me wonder if kindness on the whole, was a dying act throughout the whole world. For the most part, any acts of kindness came from complete strangers instead from the people around me who claimed to care about me.

When I was finally separated from the abusive situation, when I finally found my way back to Jesus, all of that changed. I found out that kindness still exists in our world and when you show kindness it comes back to you at least tenfold.

The little rural city I live in today is so full of so many kind people. Since I moved here I have met very few unkind people. In this community, people are unified in many more ways than in the larger, more populated and crime ridden cities I was used to. The nurses and doctors at the clinics and hospitals know you on a first name basis and treat you more like you are a family member than a chart number.

The clerks at Walmart, the electric company, or any of the other businesses in town treat you much the same way. They are all so kind, understanding and helpful. Many of them go out of their way to treat others with understanding and kindness even when that person they are talking to might be vulgar, rude or angry.

When we were walking on the hills this morning, I stumbled and fell on the pavement. As Rich was helping me up, a woman immediately pulled over, jumped out of her car to see if I was alright. Today I am thankful for the help and kindness of others.

the four seasonsMay 7, 2017 – Warmer Days

When I was younger the weather never seem to bother me. If it was raining, I’d wear something with a hood on it and go on my way. If it was snowing, out came the winter coat and out the door I went. The summer heat felt good beating down on my head as I would walk from one place to another and I loved to sit outside and watch the passing colors of fall and spring.

As I have gotten older, the wet and cold seem to set in my bones. During the rainy season or during the winter it is not unusual for me to wake up each morning, not with just a migraine, but with my whole body aching as well. I’d just assume hibernate inside my home in weather like that, but unfortunately there are appointments to keep and groceries to be bought and bills to be paid.

Winters here, for the last few years have been strange. I can only thing of one day we had snow for the last two, one day we had a ice storm warning (which never came) and most of the time it was just gray, cold and wet. I don’t handle the colder, wetter temperatures like I used to. I guess it is just part of getting older.

But it is starting to get warmer. The sun is shining more often, even though we are still experiencing a week of rain at least once a month. The flowers are blooming, the trees are green, and there is a smell of Spring Freshness in the air. Today I am thankful for warmer days.

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