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Walking the Hill and Mrs. Beasley May be Back

Legs in SPA

May 11, 2017- Walking the Hill

Osteoarthritis is a common ailment that often comes with getting older. While our bones and joints might ache, if caught early you can lead a pretty normal life by using the right medications, the right exercises and the right mind set. Rheumatoid arthritis is completely different. It not only affects your joints, mainly in the feet and hands, but can cause inflammation throughout your whole body, including all of your organs.

I have had osteoarthritis for many years with the major flair ups usually during the cold and wet seasons, but I have learned to treat it and deal with it. Several months ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, with the majority of it showing up in my feet.

During the summer months we have made it a habit to walk the radio station hills as often as we can. We walk from the second driveway, down to the last driveway of the fairgrounds, back up to the very first driveway at the top of the hill, and back to where we started. Two laps equals a mile.

We enjoy the peacefulness there. If there is nothing going on at the fairgrounds, we mostly have the roadway to ourselves with the occasional car going by. We’ve made friends with rabbits, have watched the many variety of birds flying around and have a new friend, a turtle we moved out of the street a few weeks ago who seems to come out and wait up in the grass for us.

In the morning, my feet hurt extremely bad. I often come close to losing my balance when I first stand up and limp through the house to get my medications. It takes an hour or so for them to start working. On sunny days, we head out to the hill. I haven’t been able to do the two miles we were doing last year, but I manage to get at least a mile or a mile and a half in before my feet tell me it is time to quit.

While there may come a day that I might have to have surgery or they just don’t support me anymore, I will still walk the hill as long as I can. I am stubborn that way. I’ve never been one to baby myself and I have an extreme tolerance for pain. Today I am thankful to still be able to walk the radio station hill.

Mrs. BeasleyMay 12, 2017 – Mrs. Beasley May be Back

I mention not long ago about the attack on our “pet” squirrel. Although she never let us get close enough to touch her, Mrs. Beasley finally quit running away when we came out and even came up to the kitchen window to look in at us when her food dish was empty.

We were never able to know for sure if the squirrel smashed in the street the same day the bird attacked her was her, we have been saddened by her absence. Recently I saw a squirrel on the electrical lines in front of the house. She/he was about the size of Mrs. Beasley and sat looking at the house. When I came out on the front porch, she just sat there looking at me.

A few days ago, I looked out the kitchen window and lo and behold, there was a squirrel eating out of Mrs. Beasley’s dish. Although she looked a little skinnier than our Mrs. Beasley, the fact that she came right up to the kitchen window makes me think it is, in fact, her. She may have been absent because she gave birth. Squirrels will not leave their nest until their babies are able to go out on their own. The mate will supply them with food until that time.

I sure hope this is her. She had become an extended part of our outdoor family and today I am thankful that Mrs. Beasley may be back

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