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The Power of Prayer, Enough, Promises, and Angels Watching Over Me


older woman praying May 16, 2017 – The Power of Prayer

I never realized the power of prayer until a few years after I became a Christian. I knew that we were supposed ask others to pray for us in times of need and I often went to the front, not just to be prayed for, but to pray for others. I never really gave it a lot of thought, just accepted it as part of being a Christian.

But over the years, prayer became a full time occurrence in my life. I would read about the horrible things that some people had to face on a daily basis and my heart would break for them. I would pray, but there were many times I neglected to let them know they had prayers going up for them.

Today, I pray off an on all day. I go to sleep at night praying, and I would have to say that the majority of the time I am praying for someone else. I see so much hurt, so much sickness, poverty and violence in this world today and much of it has, at times, affected my life also.

Whenever I do put up a prayer request, it is only a short time before I will see notifications that many of my friends and their friends are praying for the request that was posted. It is a comforted feeling to know that in your time of need, or someones else time of need, so many people will stop and say a prayer. I’ve seen the power of prayer work in the lives of many, including my own and today I am thankful for the power of prayer.

moneyMay 17, 2017 – Enough

There is a story that has circulated a few of the social media sites. I’ve read it many times on Facebook alone and it touches my heart, brings tears to my eyes and I share it over and over again every time I see it.

In the story a daughter who has been visiting her mother is getting ready to get on the plane. The story goes something like this. The two sit next to each other with tears in their eyes and they both tell each other that they wish them each “enough”.

After the mother leaves, someone asks the daughter what was meant by wishing each other “enough” and the daughter explains that this will probably be the last time she sees her mother. I’m assuming the mother is ill and getting ready to die. She goes on to explain that when they wish each other “enough” it includes just about everything they would need in life.

They are wishing that each of them has enough money to pay the bills, enough loving friends and family, enough food to eat, enough to keep them healthy and happy, enough of everything they could possible need. When I think about this and look back on my life, I see that even in the hard times, somehow or another I always had enough to keep me going, to keep me fighting back against all the odds that I have faced, all the evil and violent times I have seen and been through.

I know, without a doubt, that no matter what I went through, someone was watching over me and I always had enough strength to make it through, I always had enough to survive, sometimes just enough to keep going. Even today I always have enough of everything I need in my life. Today I am thankful that the Lord has always seen to it that I have enough.

Hands holding the worldMay 18, 2017 – Promises

We, humans, make promises all of our lives. We promise as children to better in school, we promise as parents to take our kids certain places or buy them certain things. We promise to love our spouses for all of our lives. We promise our parents we will live a good life and continue serving God.

Some of us promise to quit using drugs, to quit smoking, to quit drinking, to quit cursing, to be nicer, to read our bible more, to visit our parents more, to call those we love more and so many other things that it is impossible to list them all.

But we are sometimes fickle, sometimes forgetful, and often promises are made with no intent on keeping them. Sometimes promises are broken, just can’t be kept because of extenuating circumstances or events that keep us from keeping them when we did intend on doing so.

Broken promises can result in hurt feelings, broken hearts, mistrust, lost friendships and so much more. We seem to forget that promises should not be made lightly. A promise made is similar to swearing an oath, which the Lord says not to do. James 5:12 states it simply as this “But above all things, my brethren, swear not…but let your yes be your yes; and your no, no; lest you fall into condemnation

I admit that there have been promises made that I did not keep, usually because I found later that I could not keep them, something always seem to happen to prevent me from holding to my end of the deal, so I don’t make promises lightly, in fact I very seldom make a promise because I know how quickly something can happen to keep me from keeping it.

I have had innumerable promises made to me during my life time that were never filled, some that were made without the intent of keeping them. I don’t ever try to induce someone to make a promise to me, for I know by doing that I am putting on them pressure to say or do something that may be entirely out of their hands.

But there is one who never makes a promise they can’t or won’t keep. There is one who has made promises to all of mankind and he keeps them, in his way, in his time, in the way that benefits those involved to the best outcome. Today I am thankful that I can stand on the promises of God.

heavensMay 19, 2017 – Angels Watching Over Me

Many people believe that we each have our own guardian angels watching over us. Others believe that loved ones become angels that watch over us. Hebrews 1:14 14 Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation? There are many other verses in the bible that could indicate that we all have a guardian angel.

In Hebrews 13: 2 Forget not to show love unto strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. It is indicated that angels walk among us, mostly without our knowledge, to watch over us, some to guides us, some to maybe just check in on us.

There have been many times I am sure that I had an angel watching over me. There were many events in my past life where I came close to being killed, but something always happened to stop it. Sometimes it would be someone who showed up, and other times it would be that circumstances just changed. From having a gun pointed at my head, someones hands around my throat to being missed by a semi-truck, there are many times that something happened just in time. Today I am thankful that God sends his angels to watch over me.


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