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Endurance, Extra Time, Memorial Day

eagleMay 26, 2017 – Endurance

Merriam-Webster defines endurance as the ability to withstand hardship or adversity, the ability to sustained prolonged stressful effort or activity or the act or an instance of enduring or suffering. I have no doubt that there isn’t a person a live today that has had to endure something in their life. For many they endure an illness or financial difficulty for a very long time, especially if they have a loved one or spouse who is suffering from or dying from a prolonged illness or disease.

People around the world endure hunger, poverty, pain, illness, oppression, depression, and loss over and over again in their lives. For many, it completely tears them down physically, emotionally and spiritually. Some may pray and wonder how long they have to endure the suffering they are going through, often questioning God as to why they must endure what they are going through.

I’ve endured a lot in my life. I suffered for twenty years from an abusive situation. I fought a battle with drug addiction and alcohol, often crying out to god in my suffering, asking him why he didn’t just take it away from me.

I’ve endured the loss of loved ones, my parents, my two sisters, my step-father and my son, enduring the sorrow for each one for a very long time, often looking back to see if there was something I missed, something, I, myself could have done that would have kept them here longer.

I’ve endured poverty, abuse, rejection, and homelessness. I’ve endured financial hardships, illness, the decline and eventual death of those I loved from debilitating disease or medical problems. I’ve watched one loved on go from being a stand up father and husband, to being a drug addict to eventual death from an overdose. What I’ve discovered over the years though is that enduring all that I have been through, it has made me an incredibly strong person.

That endurance and the love and promises of Jesus Christ have given me the strength I now have. When I look back at these endurance’s, at the strength I’ve have acquire, I am positive that there is nothing the Devil can throw at me that I can’t handle or cope with. Today I am thankful for the strength I have gained from the endurance I have gone through in my life.

ClocksMay 28, 2017 – Extra Time

Why does it seem to me that I am just as busy, maybe even a little busier that I was when I worked. I always assumed that if I went on disability or retired that I would have tons of time on my hands, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Between visits to the hospital every 48 hours, varied doctor appointments, trips to the grocery store, trips to pay bills, it seems like I am running almost every day. Even on days when there are no appointments, it seems we have to run to the store for prescriptions or something forgotten last time we were there.

Occasionally we will actually have a free day, a day when we proactively got everything from the store the day before after an appointment, and even then it seems there are things around the house that I need to catch up on. You know, general picking up, laundry, taking out the trash or watering and caring for the plants. Still there are times, like today, when I find that I have a few extra moments of time. It is those days that I try to catch up on my articles. I really would like to get to the point that I can get one up each day instead of doing them in rushed batches, but still I thankful for all the times that I actually do have some extra time.

american flagMay 29, 2017- Memorial Day

Memorial Day originated as Decoration Day after the American Civil War in 1868. The Grand Army of the Republic with the help of Union veterans founded in Decatur, Illinois, established as a time to decorate the graves of the Union War Dead with flowers,

By the 20th Century, when other wars were in fought or being thought of, the celebrations days of the North and South were combined into one observance day, the last Monday of May, as Memorial day. Today this day is set apart for us to recognize all those who served in the military, died fighting to keep us a free country.

Over the years, it has become a time, not just to remember those who died in service to our country, but all those loved ones who have passed away. There are many families that did not lose a loved one to war, but have lost loved ones irregardless and they remember them as well as those who died for our freedom.

Families get together at BBQ and picnics to spend time with family. The person or persons whom they are honoring are often spoken of in loving terms, stories often repeated and handed down for generations. There are others who just see it as another day to imbibe in drugs and alcohol, to get high, not really honoring anyone.

Today I am thankful for those who have fought, who still fight to keep us a free nation, but I am also thankful for all the loved ones that I have lost, not to military service, but just lost in death for the memories and influences they have left on our lives. A special thank you to both my father and stepfather, both gone now, that did serve our country in times of war.

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