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Insects, Help From Nature, Natural Remedies

blue butterlyJune 15, 2017 – Insects

Have you ever stood out in your yard or sat on your porch and watched the many insects around you? If I stand out on the porch during the day I am sure that I will see some butterflies, flies, wasps, ants and bees. All of them going about their daily routine.

The bees and butterflies are going from flower to flower feeding on the nectar, picking up the pollen, then flying to others where they will collect the nectar from them and leave the pollen from the others. The flies are flying around looking for any kind of garbage they can feast on, including other dead insects. The same goes for the ants. They are busily going back and forth to their hills bringing in any tidbits they can find.

I know ants will carry any kind of food they can back to their nest including some leaves and flowers of some plants. I didn’t know that they would feed on other insects, but apparently they do. I found a dead beetle in the bathroom the other day and when I went to move him, several hundred ants took off running from underneath him.

If I stand out on my porch after the sun has set, I am apt to see mosquitoes, water-bugs, moths, night spiders and gnats and other little flying bugs around. It seems that the insect world never sleeps. It is as busy outside at night as it is during the day.

While, for the most part, I watch and leave the insect world alone, there are some things I cannot abide. Roaches are nasty, dirty spreaders of disease. Ants are invaders, sometimes biting you, but definitely getting into your food and drinks.

Spiders are not allowed in the house, especially since the black widow and brown recluse are native to our area, however, I do not destroy the spider webs outside until I know they have been abandoned because in actuality, spiders are our friends. They eat otherwise nasty little insects that could get in the house such as the flies and gnats that are in the same category as the roaches.

What my observations have shown me is that they each have some kind of purpose, some kind of task they must complete. Ants must feed the colony and as far as I know they don’t spread disease, but they help to get rid of garbage by dragging food and bugs down to their nest. Wasps, hornets, bees and butterflies help to spread pollen to plants to help them produce.

Spiders, for the most part help to keep pests under control. They really seem to love flies, gnats and even on occasion a wasp or two. I am not sure if there is any benefits to having water-bugs around, but it is interesting to see them running wildly around on the back deck, seeming to go nowhere or do anything.

God created such an intricate world, even down to the insects around our houses. Each one seems to serve some kind of purpose and each one seems to know their place in this world. If humans could learn from watching the insects, how they get along, how they persist at their functions, we could learn a lot about getting along, surviving and being productive. Today I am thankful for the many insects that work so hard at what god intended them to do.

rainbowJune 16, 2017 – Help From Nature

I will admit that I am one of the first people to complain about the weather. I blame it on getting older and my body changing with age. When I was younger, it didn’t matter what the weather was, I just went with the flow. If it was hot, cold, rainy or snowy, I just dressed accordingly and went about my day.

As I have gotten older, developed different medical problems like the chronic migraines, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, I find myself complaining more about the weather because it does have a big impact on how I will feel that day.

There were several years in a row that we didn’t have much rain and definitely very little snow. They had burn orders and warnings during the summer, and sometimes even restrictions on people washing their cars or watering their yards because we were in drought conditions.

It is easy to see when there are problems with the weather by looking at the prices at the grocery stores. If there is too much water and the fields go to rot, prices go up. If there is too much heat and not enough water and the crops shrivel up and die, the prices go up.

The last couple years we seem to have more rainy winters and less days of snow. I’m told this was a good thing as it brings our water tables up and keeps us out of drought conditions. So far this summer, with the exception of a few very hot days, it’s been pretty bearable. Sometimes Nature has a way of balancing everything.

With the water tables higher and no drought conditions, the production of crops looks like it might be pretty good this year. That means that there will be plenty to go around and prices won’t soar so high that you can’t afford to by the produce or have to buy very little of it. Today I am thankful for the times that we get help from nature.

medicine-bottlesJune 17, 2017 – Natural Remedies

I used to completely trust my doctors, when I lived in Cleveland and Florida, although they always seemed to be cold a detached when talking about my health concerns or prescribing medications for me. Sad to say, most of them never actually talked to me about what to expect from my medical problems or the prescriptions they gave me, so, in my trusting nature, I just took whatever they gave me.

I gained weight, I felt bloated, my headaches got worse, I was short of breath and had trouble sleeping. No matter what I did, I was uncomfortable all of the time and I had no idea if the medicines were helping what they were supposed to be treating. I actually was taking 28 pills a day at one time, which I found out later were treating conditions I didn’t even have.

Most doctors treat the symptoms first, and if they continue or get worse, then they will run tests to see what is really going on. Unfortunately this is not really their fault as most of the ones whose practice is connected to a hospital clinic are pushed to see a patient every 15 minutes. I know this to be true as there is a sign in our doctors office that says if you are sitting longer than 15 minutes, let the clerks know.

Medical practice is big money now. I’m sure there are kick-backs from pharmaceuticals to different medical establishments for how many prescriptions are written for their product. Many patients are automatically referred to specialists or other doctors because that way the hospital or clinic gets paid for another visit.

Sadly, most prescriptions have some nasty and often times severe side effects. I’ve researched all the ones they prescribe me and often times have refused what they want me to take, doing research on natural remedies and cures.

For instance, one that I need to take because it is actually the safest treatment for the rheumatoid arthritis has the side effects of black tarry stools, blood in urine, bloody vomit, diarrhea, joint pain, swelling of feet and lower legs and this is just the listing under major side effects. Sadly, there is no natural cure for rheumatoid arthritis, but I have found some natural treatments for the pain and swelling and help hold flare-ups down.

If you compare possible side effects on all your medications, you will see that most of them list the same side effects like nausea, constipation, headaches, indigestion, fatigue, sleepiness, weight gain, weight loss, insomnia, elevated blood pressure, rapid heart beat and these are the most common and considered the least dangerous.

While I have to take a possibly dangerous drug for this condition, I have done my research on how to take it, what signs to look for if it is causing problems and different ways to be more comfortable with the side effects of the disease and the medicine.

My sister and I do a lot of research in natural remedies and cures. She even makes some of her tonics, creams and tinctures. Unfortunately she also researched and found out there is no natural cure for this type of arthritis.

I have made it a habit now to research symptoms myself before running to the doctor, and looking for and using natural remedies and cures if I can safely pinpoint what the problem is. For instance, I know when my GERD is acting up, so I grab the apple cider vinegar and honey. I know when I have strained or pulled a muscle so I grab the cayenne and a heating pad. Today I am thankful that there are still natural remedies and cures available to us.

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