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A Fresh Mowed Law, My Nose, My Ears

sunrise-in-the-countryJune 18, 2017 – A Fresh Mowed Lawn

We smell a lot of odors in our life time. Cooking orders, body odors, perfumes, pollution, car exhaust, flowers, rain, and animal odors are just a few. Some odors are pleasant and some not so pleasant, but they exist in our every day lives and for the most part we get used to them, recognize them and go on with our lives.

Sometimes the odors we smell can warn us of impending danger or problems. The smell of wood burning or smoke at a time and in an area where there shouldn’t be any could indicate a fire somewhere, maybe even in your home. Even the odd smell of rubber or plastic melting could indicate an electrical problem that could cause a fire or other damage.

The sickly sweet smell of rotten eggs can indicate a gas leak. The smell of gasoline when driving down the street could indicate a leak in your tank and the smell of burning oil could indicate you have an engine problem. We learn to recognize all of these odors for what they are the more we have had to smell them.

But there are pleasant odors in our lives. There is a saying “stop and smell the roses” and I take that literally. I love walking through the garden area at Walmart and smelling all the flowering plants they sell and I love to stop and “smell the roses” when bouquets are up in front on sale for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Memorial Day and Sweethearts Day.

There are other smells in nature that often reach our nose such as a passing skunk, the awful smell of a decaying woodland creatures body, flowers, trees, grass and even bubbling brooks all have their own smell. One of my favorite smells, although it kicks up my allergies is the smell of a freshly mowed lawn. Today I am thankful for all the pleasant smells like that of the freshly mowed lawn.


June 19, 2017 – My Nose

Have you ever taken the time to stop and think about the different senses God has given us? Our ears for hearing, our eyes for seeing, our nose for smelling. There are other senses we have such as the sense of feel. We feel pain, we feel heat, we feel cold, and we itch.

We have other senses like our instincts that give us the gut feeling that something is wrong, or we shouldn’t be in a certain area or around a certain group of people. The hair on our neck may stand up when danger is near or we have a sense of fear.

We sense many other things in our lives, such as sadness, sorrow, joy, pain and suffering. Sometimes these are sensed by our hearing or our eyes. We can see when someone looks tired, sad or depressed and we can over hear the words of other people when they talk about their depression, anxiety or problems.

As a whole, the human race takes for granted the different sense that we are blessed with. So many just assume they will get up in the morning, see, hear and smell everything they did the day before, but what if they woke up and one of their senses was gone?

I have used my nose to sniff a lot of things in my life. Dirty baby diapers, dirty clothes, body odor, dead mice, cooking food, gas leaks, smoke, and hot electrical wires. When you raise children or grandchildren, or just have children around, your nose seems to go into overdrive because you have that instinct to protect them. We are the same way with all the people we love that live with us. Some spouses can tell by the body odor of their loved one if something might be medically wrong, they are so in tune with the regular odors their mate normally has.

I love my nose. I love to smell good things like flowers, fresh bathed babies, fresh mowed lawns, fields of grain, a summers rain and a rare perfume. My nose has gotten me out of a house that had an electrical problem. It has helped me find dead mice and mold and mildew that might have caused health problems and I have used it many times to check for gas leaks. Today I am thankful for my nose.

B ig earsJune 20, 2017 – My Ears

When I was a teen in Pueblo, my mother had a friend that would come over once in awhile. He was deaf and dumb. He was one of the kindest, nicest people I have ever met in my whole life. He used to sit and teach us different words in sign language, and at one time I got pretty good at talking with him.

When I think about the many people on this earth that can’t see, hear or talk it breaks my heart. While God usually enhances other senses when people lack in one area, I have read of accidents and injuries caused because a deaf person didn’t hear a car coming and stepped into the street, or a blind person fell down an open man hole or a flight of steps because they didn’t know it was there.

I pity those who cannot see the beauty of this world, and the ones who cannot hear the music of nature. I often wonder how they deal with it, but realize that in some cases it isn’t something they miss because it isn’t something they ever experienced. I love to listen to music, old time gospel, charismatic christian, super oldies and even classical.

I also love to listen to the music of nature. There is nothing like sitting out in the country near a babbling brook or even our own back yard, listening to the birds, the chirping of the insects or the drumming of the rain. There is nothing like standing out on the porch and listening to the rolling thunder, the pitter patter of the hail or whooshing of the wind during a thunderstorm. Today I am thankful for my ears.

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