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Accomplishments, Ahh Moments, Mobility and Realizations

awardJune 21, 2017 – Accomplishments

There isn’t one person that I know who doesn’t want to accomplish something. For many of the younger moms and dads, they want to be able to take care of their young ones, provide a good home, wholesome activities and a decent education. If they can accomplish that, those are some major accomplishments.

For some others, getting that good job, buying a house, getting a new car or starting their own business is on the list of what they want to accomplish. For others just living right, doing what they can to bring others to Christ and helping others are the major items on their list of things they want to accomplish.

Life changes. We don’t from one day to the next what will happen. There is just so many different things that can happen unexpectedly. For example, 10 years ago I had the perfect job. I didn’t have to work in an office or warehouse setting. It wasn’t a job where I had to sell anything or make anything. I got to drive around to different courts and research records for people who were applying for jobs, trying to buy new items or rent/buy a house. I researched criminal, civil and educational records. It was probably the most interesting job I ever had.

After five years in house, climbing quickly up the ladder to a supervisory level, I applied to be an outside agent, simply for the freedom it would give me and a less stressful environment. I had a company car. All repairs were paid for, gas was reimbursed, insurance was paid. I earned 6.66 hours per month in paid time off along with all paid Holidays and had a great health and medical insurance package. I even had stock in the company. My house phone, internet and cell phone were also paid for by the company. It was a “cherry” job.

I didn’t expect to be laid off and I certainly did not expect to become disabled. Life changes suddenly and you can never be prepared for anything. Today, if I can straighten up the house, do the dishes, throw in a load of laundry and maybe even run the vacuum, I have accomplished a lot for the situation that I live in.

If I can find time to do some research, sew something or work on the blog site, I have accomplished even more. There are days that none of this gets done and I have learned not to beat myself up over it. I have had to accept that life has changed, I am older, I am disabled, I cannot accomplish what I used to. Today I am thankful for what I can accomplish and thankful God has shown me I don’t need to worry on the days that I can’t accomplish anything.

rainbowJune 22, 2017 – Ahh Moments

I love those “ahh” moments. Those times when something just goes completely right and you step back, take a deep breath and let out that well deserved “ahhh”. I love those moments when I walk outside and the weather is perfect. The temperature is just right, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the plants are standing at attention, and the squirrels and birds are busy going about their daily activities. Those are some of my favorite “aah” moments.

I love it when I can talk to family and friends, whether on the phone or on social media, and know that they are all doing well that day, enjoying the positiveness they are sharing about good things that have happened, activities they have enjoyed, or special moments they want to share with me.

But I think that some of my best “ahh” moments are when I hear about someone accepting Christ, prayers being answered and positive actions being taken by those I care about and love. My other special “ahh” moments are those times, when I just stand outside in the early morning or later evening, when everything is quiet and I look around at the magnificent world God created for us. Today I am thankful for all of those “ahh” moments.

Legs in SPA

June 23, 2017 – Mobility

When I was younger, I walked everywhere I could. When living in Black Forest, my foster sister and I would walk around the whole twenty acres her family owned. Climbing a few trees, looking at some strange mushrooms, or watching woodland creatures on the way. It was not unusual for us to race across the meadow, jump over logs and then race home. Sometimes we would take off early I the morning, just go out exploring and not return until around supper time.

I have always been a little stubborn, hard headed about doing things on my own, without the help of any one group or individual. If I needed something from the store, I got there on foot when necessary, often lugging back several bags up hill to my house. If I had to go to work and didn’t have transportation and the weather allowed, I would leave early and walk there if the distance was acceptable, like a mile or two.

I’ve dragged large garbage bags of laundry or my possessions from one place to another, often having to drag them up a flight or two of stairs. And sometimes I would just walk for hours at a time just because I enjoyed walking.

I don’t get as much exercises as I would like to get. When the rheumatoid acts up and my feet swell, I am usually sitting most of the day. When my back hurts or a migraine sets in, it is a sure fact that I will end up laying down a few times a day. And when I get those big callouses on my big toes that have recently started to appear, wearing shoes is just not an option.

But I walk, every chance I get I walk. We walk the radio station hill, four laps equals two miles and half of that is an upward incline. We walk the corridors of the hospital, 10 laps around the 1st floor corridors is a mile. We walk around the block a few times if we are not up to do doing the hill. While I would love to be able to do this all the time, there are days when I am short on mobility, days when the feet swell, the back starts and a migraine takes over. Today I am thankful for the days I have my mobility.

eyeJune 24, 2017 – Realizations

I don’t live in a “lala” world, a world where people are swept away by all the social impositions and demands of this fast failing world and all the sugar coating and lies being forced down our throats on a daily basis.. I don’t have my head stuck up in the clouds, believing that everything is perfect and always will be. While I would love our world to be filled with peace, harmony and love, it just seems to be going in the opposite direction.

Each morning, as I scroll through the news I become sad, disillusioned, and even angry at all the crap that is going on. Besides all the political trash that is on constant feed, there are murders, and rapes, and burglaries and kidnappings. There are businesses failings, banks closing, buildings being burned down and people living on the streets.

All around the world there is war going on and innocent people are being forced out of their homes daily, going hungry, and even dying from dehydration, exposure, starvation, illness and executions. People are being held hostage, tortured and forced into slavery and prostitution and now we seem to have an epidemic of parents killing their children.

While I normally try to keep an even attitude, try to stay positive, try to uplift others, there is still the part of me that can’t tolerate evil, hatred and abuse. Although I would love to lay claim to be a perfect Christian, I have come to the realization that I nor anyone else can ever accomplish that goal.

I’ve also come to realize that all the events we see going on in this world are right in line with what the bible says will happen before the Rapture comes. I realize that it is going to get worse as time goes on, that evil will be taking a stronger grip on the world as that day comes closer.

While I still hold to the faith of Jesus Christ, my human nature, the love I feel for others is sorely tested during these realizations. Today I am thankful for these realizations, even though so many of them are go against what I think the world should be. The more I realize what the this world is turning into, the more I also realize that Christ is coming soon.

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