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Irritations, Simple Things and Possessions

anger faceJune 25, 2017 – Irritations

We all get irritated from time to time. Sometimes it is just a noise that seems to grind on us, give us a headache or just persist so long we get tired of it. Maybe it’s an irritating habit some one has like talking over you, gritting their teeth or constantly complaining.

We, humans, are as far from perfect as you can get. We let a lot of things bother us, even when they shouldn’t. Our society pushes us in so many different directions that it only takes one irritation to develop into something dangerous.

With all the riots, protests and marches that have been going on, it only took one person, who wasn’t pleased with the outcome, to start a mini war. Whether it was a relative of the person injured or killed, or just a trouble maker making a remark about the out come of the investigations, because they were irritated, they irritated others to follow in their way of thinking.

In some case, even realizing that they have no control over the irritating circumstances, they have induced disruption, mass hysteria, injury, violence and even death. Take for instance what happened in Baltimore and Ferguson. Because one or more people didn’t like the outcome of the investigations, because they became irritated that it didn’t go as they thought it should, they created situations where businesses and homes were destroyed and people were injured or hurt.

God gave us a lot of choices in our lives. We could choose to be nice people, to be kind, understanding and helpful loving individuals or we could choose to dwell on every little piece of negativity that comes our way. There are those who take there irritation to violent and often time disastrous ends.

We can choose do everything according to the law, let it take it’s course and accept the outcome or accept that we have no control over the outcome or we can choose to take the law into our own hands, creating more of a problem, one that could, would and did harm other innocent people, making them the victims of something that had absolutely nothing to do with them. Trouble makers, instigators are a dime a dozen. I really believe that some of them are doing the Devils work for him.

What one person determines is irritating to them can influence so many others into being irritated with the same thing, can influence them to take that irritation further and blow it completely out of proportion.

I used to get irritated at small things. I used to get into long, loud and drawn out arguments with people over my irritations and it would usually result in a lot of hurt feelings, a lot of words that couldn’t be taken back and the loss of many friendships.

Usually what I got irritated over was something minor, something that didn’t really matter, or something I had completely no control over, yet the result wasn’t what I wanted and couldn’t accept that. Over the years, God has shown me that getting irritated over the small things or the things I have no control over was a total waste of my time and the time of others. Today I am thankful that he has taught me how to handle my irritations.

old front porchJune 26, 2017 – Simple Things

I have never been a material person. That wasn’t the way I was raised. Even in the foster homes, there was never an abundance of material wealth or money. It never really seemed to bother me. Sure, there were times that I kind of wished I had some things others had, like a pretty new dress or the latest shoes, but I never let it take over me, I never obsessed over it. I never let it become a problem, in fact I didn’t even know we were poor until I was in Junior High School and a rich kid told me. Still it never seemed to bother me.

Even as I got older and traveled from one job to another, or one situation to another, material possessions were not high on my list. If I had the basics, that was fine with me, and there were many times when it was difficult to even have the basics.

There were times when I didn’t have much, but I made do with what I had and was thankful for it. There were times when I made enough money to be comfortable, but I didn’t rush out and buy the latest electronics or technology and I didn’t rush out and buy designer clothes, no in fact, when I was pretty well off, I spent the majority of my money trying to help family members and friends in need.

It didn’t bother me if spent a whole paycheck making sure someone was able to pay their rent or buy food for their kids. It didn’t bother me that I drove a used car or bought my clothes at a thrift store, in fact I loved buying clothes there because I didn’t like many of the styles of new clothing that retail establishment sold.

I’ve pretty much have been more happy with the simple things in life. I would much rather take a drive in the country than spend a ton of money on a theme park. I would much rather browse the thrift stores than wander through Macy’s or Target or any of the other upper end retail shops.

I would rather sit on my front porch and watch the birds and insects flying around than sit on the deck of a cruise ship and I would much rather watch one of my DVD’s than sit in a dark movie theater. The simple things in life are so much more pleasing than trying to keep up with the Jones. Today I am thankful for some many simple things in my life.

loveJune 27, 2017 – Possessions

Sometimes, in the still of the night I think about my possessions. There is nothing lacking, there is nothing I want or need. If I were to lose everything material I owned right now, it wouldn’t destroy my life. I’ve been through that many times before.

If I didn’t have a television, I would read a book, If I didn’t have the internet, I would go for a walk. If I didn’t have a phone, I could sit and sew something, and if I didn’t have anything at all, I would pray and trust God.

I have many possessions, but they are possessions you cannot buy, you cannot steal and no one can give them to you. These possessions are the most important possessions I have every had, and they are the ones that I am not willing to ever give up.

I have trust, faith and I have love. I have peace and I have fairly good health. I have loved ones, I have friends, I have people who care about me and people I care about. Most importantly I have Christ. My loved ones may one day die, but I will see them again.

My friends may also expire or move away, but have fond memories of them, and maybe some day I will be alone but I will always have Christ. Today I am thankful for these possessions, not the ones that you can buy, but the ones that are blessings from God.

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