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Chronicles, Easy Choices and Hot Water

bibleJune 28, 2017 – Chronicles

I’ve read the bible from cover to cover several times. I have read different translations, The Original King James, The NIV, the NIV Study Bible, John Hagee’s Prophecy Bible, and the Good News Bible are the ones I have in my library now. I also own the whole Left Behind Series, and several books from Readers Digest that give a historical view of the times before Jesus, during Jesus, after Jesus and how the bible came to be.

Presently in my readings I am in First Chronicles. No matter how many times I read something, it seems that when I read it again I find something I missed the first or second time. I do believe that God’s word speaks to us, that we are directed to certain books, chapters and verses to help us through our daily lives and through trying times.

Chronicles covers the genealogy from Adam to Solomon. It covers all the fathers, sons, grandsons, and great grand sons and so on down until it gets to Solomon. While going through these lists of historical birth records which can get boring from time to time, there are breaks where they will get into detail about the deeds and accomplishments of one person or another.

I’ve really been disturbed by this world we live in lately. It seems that it can often be dangerous to even step out your front door, that no matter where you live there is a chance of getting hit by a stray bullet, attacked, robbed and beaten, harassed by some of the younger generation, murdered by a maniac or hit by a drunk driver, and lets not forget the possible kidnapping of our children and an attack from terrorists.

It seems like the news is so full of death every day; terrorist attacks, war battles, serial killers, mass shootings, missing children, murder suicides and family members killing family members. These are the last days, but the last days can last for a long time, it is according to God’s will and his timeline.

What I have noticed in Chronicles is the many battles and wars that were fought. The heroic deeds of certain individuals, the instructions from God to destroy a whole town, city, or ethnicity. There were a lot of battles in the bible, a lot of destruction, a lot of slavery, a whole lot of destruction.

In a way it is comforting to know that what the world is going through is just a repeat of history in many ways. It is a continuing series of ongoing, repetitive actions from generation to generation. We just hear about it sooner because of all the super technology we now have. In the end though, the people of God always win!!!!!! Today I am thankful for books of the bible like 1 Chronicles that allows us to see that we don’t necessarily live in worse times than our ancestors did.

common senseJune 29, 2017 – Easy Choices

We have to make many choices on a daily basis. Most of them are small, but every so often and big, important one pops up. Many of the choices we make during the day are spontaneous and quick because we’ve made the same choices every day for a very long time. Unfortunately when a major choice comes along, many of us will make the mistake of making a quick, rash decision that could have dire consequences.

I’ve learned over the years to try and be proactive in the choices I make. I try to schedule appointments in a way that we can also accomplish other things during the day such as restocking at the store or stopping to get a bill paid. When you live with disabilities, you have to learn to make things as easy as you possibly can.

We have to be at the hospital every 48 hours for Rich’s infusions, then there are his monthly visits with his primary care doctor, my monthly visits with the same doctor, food bank appointments, specialty doctors to see, checking in on mom, picking up groceries and the list goes on and on. It seems that for being disabled, we are often very busy.

There are other choices we have to make. What will we eat for dinner, what can we afford at the store, do we need more gas in the car, do we need a repair person to come out for the internet, do we need to run the electric bill higher by using the air conditioning, can we afford to eat out at least once this month and so on.

We have become proactive with our health, it was a necessity, especially with the way the medical facilities are now. If you have to go to the ER, which we sometimes have to do several times a month, we prepare a list of questions we need to ask because they are rushed and don’t always have the time to go into a bunch of details with us. It is much the same at doctor appointments, because they are expected to see a patient every fifteen minutes.

But there are also so easy choices. Simple ones that only take a second, like choosing what to make for dinner, when to lie down for a nap, or what to watch tonight during our television time. These are the simple choices that take little or no effort, no stress and very little time for thought. Today I am thankful for the times we can make easy choices.

waterJune 30, 2017 – Hot Water

I’m not exactly sure when they built and installed the first hot water tank, but I sure do enjoy my hot showers in the Winter, warms ones in the summer, and long soaks for achy bones when necessary. Most people take hot water for granted. When they move into a house, they are 99% sure they will have an abundance of hot water, but what happens if the water tank breaks.

I can tell first hand what it is like to live without hot water. A couple years ago our hot water tank went south. Because we were in the process of buying the house, it was our responsibility to replace it. At first it just didn’t seem to be heating up as quick, then the water was only luke warm. When the electric bill and water bill umped to 500.00 we knew something had to be replaced.

If you live on a fixed income and you live from check to check you don’t usually have any money left to put aside for a rainy day, or in this case a “no hot water day”. We didn’t have any extra money and there was no one or no where to get what we needed to get a new hot water tank.

So for several months we scraped by the best we could, saving every penny we could possible put away for a hot water tank and the money to pay a plumber to install it. In the meantime we bought some five gallon buckets. Each night I would take every pot in the house, fill them with water, heat them to boiling and dump them in the tub. It took six buckets to get enough water in the tub for Rich, because he likes baths, it only took two buckets for me to do a bucket shower.

He would bath very quickly and then take the extra bucket waiting with hot water next to the tub to rinse off. I would stand in the bath tub with one bucket and a bowl or cup. I would wet myself down, wash my hair, use the cup to dip water over my head to rinse it. Then I would wet a rag, lather it up, and wash down. When I was finished I would take that bucket and the second bucket and pour them over me to rinse off. For dishes I would heat water on the stove. Finally we saved up enough for the tank and the installation, and right after that, the stove quit working. Today we rent and any repairs are the problem of the landlord, but this place has a brand new hot water tank. Today I am thankful for hot water.

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