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Independence Day, Off the Grid and Walking

July 4, 2017 – Independence Day

Just about any country that lays claim to being an independent entity celebrates the day it became independent from another world power. For the United States July 4, 1776 was the day that we declared our independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. For Armenia, they claimed their independence from the Russian Empire on May, 28 1918 and then again from the Soviet Union on September 21, 1991.

Bulgaria claimed their independence from the Ottomans on September 22, 1908 and Ecuador claimed theirs from the first time on August 10, 1809 from the country of Spain and then again on May 24, 1822. India claimed theirs from the United Kingdom on August 15, 1947.

Every 4th of July we are reminded by celebrations, parades, special events and fireworks that we are a free country, that we do not serve or bow down to any other country around the globe. Almost every free country celebrates close to the same way.

As a free country, as free individuals, we may celebrate some private independence days. For some it may be the day they move out on their own, from under the rule of their parents. For others it may be the day they leave a dead end job for something better, and for another it may be the day that they are independent of the yoke of their sin, the day they ask for forgiveness of their sins and accept Jesus as their true King.

I am proud to be an American. Even though our country has been going through a difficult time, even though we have so many battles being fought on our home ground, even though we seem to be in a political and racist mess, I am still proud to be an American, I still celebrate the Fourth of July. But I also celebrate an even more important independence day. I celebrate January 15th, 1993 for that was the day I accepted Jesus and took my independence from the evil and sin in this world. Today I am thankful for my independence day.

July 5, 2017 – Off the Grid

I have noticed over the last several years that more and more people are looking at living off the grid. There is no doubt in my mind that at some point in time we will loose all the technological advancements we have made, and it is as simple as taking down our “grid.”

What is our “grid”? It is the network of technology that has been built over the years that connects everything in our country by use of underground cable lines, satellites orbiting the earth, power grids that are joined to keep our lights on, plants that use solar and water to generate power, it is the very fibers that connect us 24 hours a day to each other and to the technologies that we take for granted.

I’ve read some articles over the years about what could happen if the “grid” went down. People would panic for sure, because they have become so spoiled, so dependent on the man made technological inventions and advancements we have today. Not only would we lose power, we would lose communication, not just with each other, but with the satellites that orbit the earth and bring us the minute to minute news of what is going on in the world.

We would not be able to fill our cars with gasoline because 99% of the pumps are electrical and computerized. We wouldn’t have lights, heating, cooling, public transportation or communication other than with our neighbors and residents of our small town. And while this is so possible, we supposedly have a network of checks and balances that get us back up and running within a few days.

The sad part is that within that time people would still panic, running to the store for water, over running people in their way in theirrush to make sure they empty the shelves at the store before anyone else does. We could actually be thrown back in time to where we might have to live without all of these things that make our lives easier.

Because this is a possibility, many people are learning to live off the gird, to do without all the advancements that make life easier for us. They are setting up stockpiles of canned and packaged goods. Some are buying generators and fuel while others are changing completely over to solar power. Some are actually buying property and living without electricity, the internet and television. They are growing their own food, raising livestock and learning to live off the land like our ancestors did.

I haven’t ever completely lived off the grid but I have been homeless and hungry. I have had to, at times in my life, sleep in the back seat of a car in a garage, sleep on a basement floor or sleep in the store room of a bar. I spent one winter without heat and electricity, with a small tv hooked by wire to a car battery and cooking on a Coleman stove, washing clothes out in the bathtub or sink and heating water to wash with. Today I am thankful that for now I do not have to live off the grid.

July 6, 2017 – Walking

When I was a child and a teen I used to walk everywhere I went. I never gave it much thought, it was how we got around the small town of Pueblo. At that time you could walk across the whole town in half an hour, today it is quite huge and I am sure it would take several hours.

When I was a young, single mother, I still had to walk a lot. At one time I had to walk two miles to work each day and then repeat that walk at 2:30 in the morning because I didn’t have a car, couldn’t find a trust worthy ride and the buses didn’t run that time of night.

I have always loved to walk, especially in rural settings. I’ve climbed partway up mountains, explored ravines, climbed trees and looked out over an awesome vista. I’ve walked across meadows, out into cornfields and down country roads or through the woods.

I’ve pulled a cart for several blocks, filled it with laundry or groceries and pulled it back home again. A few winters ago, when our car broke down we walked to the hospital three times a week for Rich’s infusions, walked to the ER when he would have an attack, walked downtown to pay bills and walked the mile to Walmart and back carrying bags of groceries.

Last year I started having trouble with my feet. It took several months, several different doctors and a bunch of blood work for them to figure out that I have Rheumatoid arthritis. For the most part, my feet ache all day but I’ve basically gotten used to it. On other days, when I have a flare up, there will be shooting pains through my ankles or toes or the whole foot will feel like it is on fire. On those days, I stumble, I walk slow and often walk with a limp.

I can no longer walk the radio station hill, but I walk around the block once in awhile, get up constantly and walk around the house. I get on the stepper and do as many rotations as I can, when I can. I am determined to walk for as long as I can. Today I am thankful to still be walking and praying God will allow me to do so for many more years.

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