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Lesser of Two Evils, Forgiveness of Thoughts, Boring Days

oldman prayingJuly 23, 2017 – Lesser of Two Evils

Every American can register vote. This last election has made more news that any other election in the past. It seems that our country just can’t get together on what is right for the country. There has been threats, threats of violence, protests and even small pockets of violence over the last two elections.

I haven’t voted in a long time because I haven’t found enough of what I believe this country needs any of the candidates for many years. Every candidate makes huge promises, trying to appease everyone and promising everything from A to Z.

What many people don’t realize is that whoever our potus is, there is a limit to his power, even though it may not be evident, he can only do so much on his own. Sure, he has the power to veto, but even that power can be overridden by senate and congressional votes if the majority deems it necessary. He has a lot of power in his hands but if/when it comes down to the safety of our country, I mean really comes down to it, there are ways that can be used to curb that power. The sad fact is that too many people are so worried about keeping their jobs that they aren’t even doing their jobs.

This time and the last time it seems as if the President has more power than all the previous presidents. It’s hard to believe in any of the News Networks anymore because they are/were biased in different directions. Some of them siding with Democrats, others with Republicans or Tea party. I’m not sure how much of the truth is really revealed, therefore I am not sure exactly how much power our president really has.

When I watch or read the news it’s almost like I am looking at a soap opera instead of national and realistic news and views. There are many fake news sites on the internet now that you just aren’t sure who is really being honest or how much they really know of what is going on.

The last year I voted, I was talked into it by a few Christian friends of mine and it wasn’t hard to see that the wrong person was put into office shortly after they were elected. I was told, in one conversation to just accept that I had voted for the lesser of two evils.

Our country has been desperate for good leadership for so long I’m not sure we would recognize it we ever really had the correct person in office. But I have felt for many years and I am sure the Lord is the one telling me that when it comes down to evil, it isn’t alright to lean toward the lesser of two of them. Today I am thankful that he has taught me that evil is evil, whether it is lesser than another evil, it is still evil.

older woman prayingJuly 24, 2017 – Forgiveness of Thoughts

We were born with a sin nature. As we grow, we learn more about that as we learn more about the people who surround us. Not everyone is raised the same way. Not everyone is a Christian and not every Christian is completely honest about their sins, except maybe to God.

Sadly there are many who believe that as long as they repent, they can keep on sinning, the same sins over and over again, but there is a huge difference between purposely sinning and accidentally sinning. I’m not sure, and only God knows for sure, what the rules are for someone who claims to be a Christian but commits sins on purpose because they believe they can repent and repeat, repent and repeat.

There are those who commit some sins that they have a hard time getting away from, such as an alcoholic or drug addict. God knows their hearts just as he knows the heart of the person who cheats at their company or on their income tax, repents, and then purposely repeats it because they believe that’s the way it works.

Outward sin is soon obvious to many people. When they see you doing the same dishonest things over and over again and yet put on that “I’m a perfect Christian” attitude, they are less likely to want to follow your example.

Whether we want to accept it or not, even if we try to be an example and not show that outward sin, we still, all of us, sin in our thoughts. The minute we think something bad about someone, the minute we become silently angry with someone, the minute we think we are better than others, we have sinned.

The minute that we think jealous thoughts about a person, lust after another persons mate or possessions or even think of ways to get around a problem illegally or secretly, we have sinned. The moment that we think someone is too fat, too skinny, too ugly, wears too much make up, we have sinned.

Even though we may try to control all of these thoughts, it is often hard to do because we were born with that sin nature and we live in a society that daily belittles, insults, gossips and lies about people and situations. Sometimes it seems that we sin more in thought than in deed. Today I am thankful that the lord let me know when I have sinned in thought and need to repent and work harder at having pure and clean thoughts.

sleeping kittyJuly 25, 2017 – Boring Days

When I was a kid, I very rarely had trouble finding something to do, but there were those rare hot summer days, when no one was around and I was tired of reading. There were those days that no matter how far or how long I walked I couldn’t find any of my friends.

Those were the boring days. My mom would be taking her nap with my little sister, my older sister, who rarely wanted anything to do with me was off with her friends somewhere and all of my friends were gone off with their family.

I would walk for awhile, but eventually came back home. Pueblo, at that time, was a very small and quiet town, and on some summer weekends it was like a ghost town, especially on Sundays when everything was closed because they still had what they called “the blue laws” back then.

I would eventually end up sitting on the front porch, possible with several cats curled up in my lap, staring off into the sky, or just listening to the silence, alone with my thoughts, and sometimes I would doze off in that chair.

I haven’t had many boring days since my childhood. I’ve worked jobs that required extra hours or weekend shifts. I’ve lived with other families where some how or another, I ended up having to take care of everything and do every bit of running around that needed to be done.

There aren’t many boring days around here. It seems that no matter how hard we try to keep things calm, something arises to set us on edge, causing us to worry, maybe make a bunch of phone calls to get some things straightened out.

Other days, almost every other day we go to the hospital for Rich’s medicine or we have to refill on milk, bread and other items we run out of, or we need to make an ER visit, or we end up in heated conversations on FB with other friends and scattered family, sometimes trying to help them solve their problems long distance.

Every so often, though, there is a boring day, a day where I did my chores the night before, a day when we need nothing from the store or there is no hospital visit or doctors appointment, a day when everyone seems to be getting along and there is no drama with friends and family and no emergencies. Today I am thankful for those boring days.

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