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Belief and In Gods Hands

bibleAugust 3, 2017 – Belief

Everyone believes in something, even an atheist because they believe there is no God. There are so many different beliefs in this world today that it is hard to keep track of them. It seems that something new is always being added. Besides Christianity, Satan Worship, you also have Hinduism, Islam, Wicca. Agnosticism, Atheism, Celtic Paganism, Confucianism, and Mysticism and Ancestor worship, just to mention a few.

Christians believe in a God they cannot see in physical form, but he shows himself in so many ways in this world he created. Just take a drive in the country on Spring or Fall day or stare at a starry sky at night, and then tell me this was world was all an accident.

Many of these religions involve praying to a man-made statue or deity, rituals that need to be performed at different times of the year, and sacrifices, sometimes animal and in some, human sacrifices. Others believe in some form of meditation to lead them to a spiritual level above their human form and still some believe that the earth is a form of life that should be cared for and worshiped.

I believe in the trinity, God the father, Jesus the son, and the Holy Spirit. I’ve seen too many miracles and had too many prayers answered and all without trying to meditate to get to another spiritual level and all without any rituals or sacrifices.

Today I am thankful that every day the Lord increases my belief in him

Hands holding the worldAugust 4, 2017 – In Gods Hands

For much of life, depending on where I lived or who lived with me, all problems that needed to be solved fell on my shoulders. I had gotten to the point where it was effecting my health. I couldn’t sleep at night because I couldn’t get my mind to shut down, always thinking about and trying to find solutions to everyone’s problems.

Even when I became a Christian, I found it hard to realize that I didn’t have to do it all, it wasn’t all my responsibility and much of it was really out of my hands. I couldn’t cure anyone, I wasn’t a millionaire and couldn’t everyone’s bills, I couldn’t mend other relationships, and I couldn’t make people behave the way they needed to.

I wasn’t responsible for the problems that other people created for themselves. I wasn’t responsible for their bad decisions. I could lecture, I could demand, I could threaten but no one was going to change unless they wanted to or were forced through circumstances to change. It took me awhile to realize all this and today I am thankful that I can put a lot of the problems and challenges in this life in Gods hands.



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