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Uniquely Made

racconsJanuary 21, 2018 – Uniquely Made

Each and every one of us are uniquely made by God. No, the human the race did not evolve from apes or crawl out of the water and sprout legs and arms. Our minds, alone should convince you that we were no accident or event of nature. We did not evolve from a big bang either. Look around you, at your family, your friends, even strangers every person is different.

Identical twins are different. They are called identical because they do look like duplicates of each other, but as they grow there are noticeable differences, differences that the parents notice shortly after they bring the children home. We may resemble our siblings and parents in many ways, looking a lot like one or the other as we get older, but we are not identical to them.

I’ve known a few sets of identical twins in my life, and meeting them the first time, I couldn’t tell one from the other, but after being around them for awhile, I noticed differences between the two. I’ll use a set of girls as an example. At first glance they looked identical, but as our friendship grew, I noticed differences in features. One had darker red hair than the other. One of them had slightly different shaped earlobes and eyes, and they definitely each had their own personality.

My older sister was a redhead from birth. I was born with pure white hair that turned a deep chestnut as I grew up. My younger sister was blond from birth, and naturally blond for most of her adult life. Now she has the red tint to her hair while my elder sister and I turned a mixture of gray, blond and brown as we got older. My elder sister was the shortest and my youngest sister was the tallest.

If we had crawled out of the water or developed from apes, we would all have identical DNA, looks, build and probably the same minds. God made each of us individually, no where on the earth are two that are exactly the same. Some may look almost identical, but there are always differences. Today I am thankful that I am uniquely made by God.

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