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eyeJanuary 22, 2018 – Perspective

How many words do we use in a day that we assume we know their meaning? I’m finding day by day that on most I know the general definition, but maybe not the full one. Merriam-Webster defines “perspective” as the interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed and it also adds another “point of view”.

Now, while I could make this a long, dragged out article about my horrible past, I’m not going to do that. Those of you who have read my articles or followed my blog site already know a lot about the things I went through.

God directs our steps, he opens one door when he closes another. If we have faith in him, if we love him and trust him, we need not fear what the future will bring, but as we go from one level to another in our lives our perspective changes.

My perspective on life has changed several times, from rejoicing at my freedom and making my own choices when I left home, to wishing I could just close my eyes and not wake up the next day. All the levels from that point on, after Jesus called to me, are only improvements instead of backward steps.

My life has gone through many changes. It’s as if I have lived a lifetime of several different people. Over the years I have learned to look forward instead of backward, because the past can never be changed. My perspective on my life has completely changed from those days. I’ve learned to be thankful, trusting in the Lord for all my needs and looking for something positive in every day.

There is always a blessing in each day, but sometimes you have to learn to look for them, to recognize them, especially in troubled times. Each event that happens can have a positive ending even though, at the times it might not look like it. The positive factor may not always be in our favor, it may be to the benefit of someone else, but still, it is there. Today I am thankful that the Lord taught me how to change my perspective on life.

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