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Gods Cathedral

pathJanuary 29, 2018 – Gods Cathedral

Have you ever been to Gods Cathedral? It is a magnificent place to visit. It doesn’t cost you anything to walk through it. There are no collection plates or donation boxes and no one will ask you for a monetary gift.. He takes care of everything, the maintenance of the whole place fall directly in his hands.

You can visit it anytime you want to, and the things you will find there will amaze you. There are no man-made pews or alters there, no priest walking around in flashy robes, no candles being burned and no animal sacrifices. There is no incense burned nor flowery speeches made.

The chorus doesn’t have to come to practice twice a week and there are no electrical musical instruments but the music there is more beautiful than anything you hear in a conventional church. There are no choral robes to be donned and no choir books handed out.

God created his Cathedral many centuries ago and offered it to us free of charge. He didn’t ask us to cut and saw any wood or buy any nails. He didn’t demand that we labor for years to build nor did he ask us to furnish any of the furnishings for this excellent cathedral.

Where is Gods cathedral and how can you get there? Anyone can visit it at any time. Just walk through nature, smell the aromas of flowers and plants, watch the rituals of the birds and forest animals and listen to the bubbling brooks. Wait until dark and look at the gem studded sky twinkling around a beautiful and perfect moon. Listen to the quiet. Gods Cathedral is all around us in everything he made. Today I am thankful for Gods cathedral.

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