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Family, Reminders, and It Is What It Is

hen and chicksFebruary 2, 2018 – Family

My family was not a close family. I only remember meeting my fathers parents once and staying with my mothers parents for a very short time when I was very young. I never met my Aunt Joan and only have vague memories of my Aunt Carol when she stayed with us for a short while in Security, Colorado.

I don’t even know what my grandparents names were except that Moms parents had the last name of Berger and Dad’s parents had the last name of Kimes. I don’t know if I had any other uncles or aunts and I have no idea how many cousins I may still have.

I was always curious, when I was older, why none of our relatives stepped in to help out and take us kids when my mom was institutionalized in a mental hospital for 6 years. For the most part my family was just three of us Kimes sisters, a half brother and half sister, my mom, and two step fathers, the first who didn’t last long and really had nothing to do with us kids and the second who just passed away two years ago.

But God, in his wisdom has given me more family over the years than I could have ever expected. I have had a total of four moms beside my real mom, six dads besides my real dad, and eight other siblings. The extra parents and siblings came from the foster homes and I have long since lost contact with them, even though I have made efforts to find the ones who treated me as family.

Even so, I have so many others that have come into my life over the years that it would take a while to list them all. They are not blood related, but they are heart related and many of them have been more family to me than my original parents, foster parents and step parents have been.

While our numbers are declining and there are only two sisters and one brother left from my mothers unions, I still have so many around me that I consider family, that I love and who love me in return, and even though I lost my only son two years a go, I still have innumerable kids that I call my own. Today I am thankful that I have such a big family and look forward to the day when it will be even larger in Heaven.

common senseFebruary 3, 2018 – Reminders

As I get older, my memory is not as good as it used to be. I can walk into a room, stand there for 5 minutes, not remembering what I went in there for, walk out and 5 minutes later remember what I wanted in that other room. I can be talking about something, or have something I want to say, but if I am interrupted, I completely forget what it was until a few hours later, and by then it isn’t worth saying.

No, I do not have Alzheimer’s nor do I have Dementia. Daily life on this planet is just full of stressful information and events. Even on a calm, free day, there are things that need to be done or issues that need to be addressed, but as we get older we are not as good at handling them, thus they can interfere with our short term memories.

I don’t forget to pay the bills, I don’t forget to cook, eat, do laundry, clean the house and I most certainly do not forget any appointments. There are some things that I can’t remember as well such as phone numbers, anniversaries or birthdays, but I have spreadsheets set up and calendars noted for these occasions so it isn’t necessary to clutter this older brain with them

Satan likes to throw reminders at us all the time. Reminders of the sinful life we led, reminders of all the mistakes we made, and reminders of all the bad things that have happened in our lives. What we do with these reminders is up to us. I like to remind myself that I am not perfect and that I am forgiven for all of my past mistakes.

When I do this and thank Jesus for forgiving me, he seems to send me good reminders; reminders of some of the things I did right, reminders of some of the good people who have crossed my path, reminders of the blessings he showers on me each day and reminders of how he is right here beside me all the time. Today I am thankful for those reminders.

doggieFebruary 4, 2018 – It Is What It Is

We run around most of our lives wondering why things happen the way they do. Many of us complain all the time about what life has thrown at us. Some of us, like myself were born poor and struggled for much of our adult life to have it better than our parents did.

We go through life, often making one mistake after another until we finally reach that level where experience and logic take over. For some people, that never happens but for many it is a rude awakening when they look back at all the years that were wasted.

I looked back often when I changed levels in my life, and it took the attitude of my younger sister to change my view of things. I was always on the offensive because of what I had been through. I was never going to let someone step all over me again, and yet I did a few times.

For all the times I complained to my sister, I truly believe that she had more of a Christian attitude than I did. I’ve learned from her. One of her favorite sayings when something went wrong or I was upset about something not going my way was “it is what it is”. In other words, whatever was going on would eventually change and I just needed to sit back, accept it and go on with my life.

I never hear my sis complain, I never hear her bring up anything bad out of her past, in fact, until my older sister told me some things, I had no idea the things my little sis had gone through, and still, she not once talked about them or complained to me about them.

We talked at length over a few months before I moved here about Jesus, and when I received her card telling me that the people at the food bank had prayed with her, and she had accepted Jesus, it sent shivers through me. I was walking on air to know my little sis was saved.

I’ve learned through her upbeat attitude that many times “it is what it is” and you just do the best you can and go on with the other things that need to be done. So when I hurt, I just do what I need for the pain and go on because “it is what it is”. When We have to go to the hospital or the ER, we pack up and go without complaints because it is a necessary thing and “it is what it is”.

When the bills are higher than expected or something goes wrong with the car, we do what is necessary to have these things taken care of because “it is what it is”. Acceptance of what life throws at you is a way to get on with life without wallowing in self pity or burdening someone with your complaints. Today I am thankful that for the most part I can accept “it is what it is” in many circumstances.

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