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Communication, Over Again, and Moments of Clarity,

older woman prayingFebruary 15, 2018 – Communication

I’ve heard many people say that God doesn’t talk to us anymore. They claim that he quit talking to the human race after the death of Jesus or after the last apostle died. I’m not sure where they got their information but I, for one do not agree.

Granted, we may not see a pillar of smoke or fire, a burning bush or lightening flashes when he is trying to get our attention, but there are signs in almost every day of our lives that he still communicates with us.

I have noticed, throughout my years as a Christian, that I have no problem communicating with God, in fact it seems that I talk to him all through the day. No, I don’t always fall down on my knees when I talk to him, but that is the beauty of having a relationship with him. You can talk to him anytime, any where under any circumstance because he is always with you.

No one can ever convince me that God doesn’t communicate with us anymore. A loving God would not suddenly turn cold and ignore the children he created. He answers so many prayers daily for me and I know in my heart that is one of the ways he communicates with me. There are daily, unexpected blessings and little positive and uplifting moments in each day that tells me he is right here with me. Today I am thankful to always be in communication with him.

common senseFebruary 16, 2018 – Over Again

For the most part, there is a lot in my past life that I would rather not dwell on, however when in conversations with others who start talking about past events in their life, it jogs my memory and I find myself dwelling on the past, talking about a whole lot more than I want.

I’ve thought about this a lot lately, how easy I can be caught up in talking about past events. I have some elderly friends and family, and they seem to want to live in the past, not just the good parts, but the bad parts as well, constantly telling stories over and over again to the point where I feel like I have lived their lives.

My older sister came to live with me a couple times within two years. Each time I got her to go to church with me and she rededicated her life to Jesus. Unfortunately she moved back to Arizona and back to the same problems that caused her to move to Ohio and my house.

I was pleasantly surprised, the one time, that she actually sought out a church there and started attending, trying to stay on the same track she was on when she left. She even got one of her sons and his family to attend and they eventually turned their lives around and accepted Jesus.

She often had arguments with this son and after he started going there, she stopped and turned back to the bitterness she held onto before. She, in fact, told me one time that she “did not want to forget and she did not want to forgive”.

I don’t want to be a bitter person again and that is one of the reasons I want to leave the past where it is. Sure, there are memories that haunt me on occasion but I try to put them in the proper perspective. There is no value in reliving or rehashing these memories over and over again. Today I am thankful that the Lord has opened my eyes to the fact that going over something in the past again and again adds no value to my present day life.

eyeFebruary 17, 2018 – Moments of Clarity

I kid a lot about getting old. In truth, my body is showing the signs of aging. New ailments seem to show up every year while the already diagnosed ones seem to linger on and get worse. I try not to complain, but there are days when I would just want to crawl back in bed and sleep until the next day to block out the aggravation and the pain.

Even though my mind doesn’t seem to feel any older, I’ve noticed over the years that my short term memory has gotten worse. No, I don’t have Alzheimer or dementia. It is attributed to the fact that as you get older and deal with more ailments and stress, your short term memory gets worse. I can walk into a room and completely forget what I wanted in there.

Sometimes the same thing happens in conversations. We will be involved in a conversation and I often find myself over talking others because I know I will forget in five minutes what I want to say. I’ve been reminded a few times about this by those who care about me and don’t want me to appear to be rude to others.

Today it came to mind, that if I can forget something I wanted to say in a group conversation, then it probably wasn’t that important and worth much to say it. Ah, a moment of clarity. When I do have something to say that I feel is important, I don’t seem to have a problem remembering it. Today I am thankful for those moments of clarity when what I have to say is worth saying.

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