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Daily Struggles and I am Blessed

sad-smileyFebruary 18, 2018 – Daily Struggles

I used to think that Christians were perfect people. All the ones I met seemed so happy, so sure of themselves, for the most part. I never met any complainers, that is until I became a Christian. Then I soon discovered that they are no different from anyone else, they just handle their problems differently.

Sure, I ran into a few who I felt sorry for because they had a multitude of problems, never complained about them, but would ask for prayer on Sunday mornings for them. I also ran into a very few, with a lot less problems that constantly complained but seldom even asked for prayers.

I learned very quickly that everyone has daily struggles. Not only do we struggle with the problems of every day life like how to pay the bills and still have enough to buy food, how to find a better job, how to convince our siblings, our children, and maybe even our parents and grandparents to turn to Jesus.

The church I was saved in had a variety of people from poor to really destitute and from rich to comfortable, but I found that the most of them told their problems to very few people because they were more concerned about trusting Jesus to help with them.

Today I am thankful, that no matter what my daily struggles are, I know I am no worse and no better than anyone else. I haven’t been singled out to suffer and I trust Jesus with everything.

jesus doorFebruary 19, 2018 – I Am Blessed

I’ve done my share of complaining from time to time. There are things I deal with on a daily basis that are uncomfortable, painful and aggravating. I work at handling putting them in perspective every day and try to find all the positive aspects of my day rather than dwelling on the negative.

I am reminded all the time that my circumstances could be so much worse, have been so much worse before I accepted Jesus. I struggle with the same problems than a multitude of people do on a daily basis. I struggle to think the right thoughts, to ignore painful moments and I struggle to put forth a positive attitude when I really just want to scream or rant and rave. I have to ask forgiveness many times a day.

But, when I look at the posts from friends, family and acquaintances on social media, I realize that my situation is nothing compared to what some other people are going through. Many of my Christian friends don’t always post to the front page of Facebook, but will instead send me a private prayer request for the problems going on in their life.

From family arguments to wayward children, from health issues to unexpected death, from paying bills to finding a way to help others, I am often asked to pray and I do. When I look at these requests and what is going on in the lives of others, I realize just how truly blessed I am. Today I am thankful to be so blessed.

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