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Material Wealth, True Values, and Money

mansionMarch 8, 2018 – Material Wealth

I’ve talked about material wealth a few times. It’s never been a big issue with me. Even when my friends and co-workers would brag about the diamond ring their husband got them or the new house or car they just bought, I felt no envy. I was thankful to just have a roof over my head and vehicle to get me where I had to go.

It seems, for the most part, that when I had enough money that I could probably have bought some newer items, I was satisfied with what I already had. For several years I was able to help family members have more than they could afford and I gave to charities and church as well.

My house is not barren. I like the older things, the things that people donate to thrift stores because they upgraded or bought new. I like the older paintings, the older furniture like the couches with the higher backs and the end tables that are carved.

What I have, just about everything in my house other than the washer, dryer and television is used. I am even typing this on a used computer. There is a saying that I have heard several times in my life “one mans trash is another mans treasure” and in my case that is the truth.

I’m glad, that when I go, there is no inheritance for anyone to fight over. I have no money to leave nor do I possess expensive jewels, furnishings or electronics, so there is nothing to really bequeath to anyone. I feel that’s a good way to go, leaving nothing for any family members to fight over. Today I am thankful that material wealth was never important to me.

KnightMarch 9, 2018 – True Values

I like to read old books. I found one at a thrift store several years ago. It was written by a well known author. He was famous for the Sherlock Holmes stories. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This book is called “The White Company” and is set in the 13th century in England, when they were still have on again and off again wars with the French.

In this book, they talk about the chivalry of the time, how men fought for honor, glory, their king and the love of their ladies. They held high the hope of fighting a good battle, winning glory for their country and saving damsels in distress. To them that was the way of life.

In this book, a young man who was raised in a monastery is sent out into the world at the age of 20 to see if he wants to be in it or devote his life to the works of God. He is raised with all the stories of the saints and stories of powerful acts of God.

When he befriends an archer and another ex-brother on his way, he talks about the goodness of God. Now these two people have not been raised the way he was and sometimes are very crude in their talk, at which point Alyene looks around for the Levin flashes he has heard so much about in the teachings of the monks.

I looked up levin flashes, and very simply, they are lightening flashes. Back in those times people believed that the lightening that came with storms were the signs of God’s anger. They believed that God was ever over them and the devil hiding behind every bush to attack them.

Those were simpler times and sometimes I wish that life was as honest and simple like it was then, but they were also rough times to live in so in a way I am glad I don’t. I wish that our society though had the same urgency that these men felt about honor and glory and doing the right thing.

It was an age of honor, an age when God, King and Family meant everything. In our world today, attributes like these have become very rare. From many sources we are encouraged to have that “me” attitude, where nothing else matters except what you want. Instead of striving to become a good person and build a good life, many people would rather protest everything that doesn’t agree with them, sit back and complain about everything, or run to their “safe” rooms because their feelings were hurt.

Today I am thankful for these old books that remind me of some of the true values we need in this life.

moneyMarch 10, 2018 – Money

In the early days of this world, money wasn’t as big an issue as it is today. People traded. They traded their grain for meat, cloth, utensils, gardening tools and the like. Taxes to the sheriff or king could also be paid in the same way. You would send a certain amount of your grain or cattle to the castle each year to pay the taxes or rent on the land.

It was the same when supporting the church. You took your cattle or your produce and donated a certain portion to the church. But, alas, as time went by, they started minting coins in the likeness of whoever was the king or emperor of the time and they became the currency of the time. Sure the peasantry may have still traded their goods among each other, but they also had to sell their grain and cattle to those who could buy it and pay their tribute to the king and church in the “coins” of those times.

Every country has it’s own currency and if you travel from one place to another you have to get your currency changed to the country you are going to. Sometimes there is a difference in the exchange. For instance, Canadian money, when exchanged dollar for dollar is less in American currency.

It’s all about the money and how much a person can put in their pocket. The sad part for many is that when they leave this world, this inanimate “god” that they worship will not help them in their afterlife. They cannot buy their way into heaven. Money has always burned a whole in my pocket. I’ve had enough, I’ve had more than I needed, and at times I have done without, but my world doesn’t revolve around how much cash I have in my hand. Today I am thankful that the Lord has taught me early on that money is not everything.

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