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Broken, Weathering the Storm, By My Side and Heart Beats

sad-smileyMarch 14, 2018 – Broken

This world amazes me today in a disgusting way. When I read the news on a daily basis I am just so appalled at everything that is going on. There is no end to criminal activity, and it doesn’t make a difference where you live. Even some people in the governments around the world have their fingers deep in the criminal pie.

I wonder just what some people think. It amazes me that so many can claim to be Christians and yet be involved in crime, business crime, secretive crime, violent crime and so on. Everyone has skeletons in their closet and it seems like a lot of closet doors have been open lately. Everyone seems to be on a mission to tear someone else down.

People talk about being broken. Their lives are destroyed by what they have tried to hide. You still have those who have enough money to get rid of some of the evidence, but for some, basically their lives, as they knew them are over. I don’t mean they are dying, I mean they can longer hold their head up proudly in their elite social circles, they can no longer afford to live the way they used to.

If you haven’t noticed, most members of government, no matter what country they live in, have a belief that no matter what they do, they are invincible, they are untouchable. How sad it will be when they take that big fall and land flat on their faces.

We all are broken in some way or another. We all have faults, we all have those skeletons in our closet fighting to get out but for most of us, we cannot afford to make the evidence go away. We are all sinners, whether you want to admit it or not.

That is how Jesus wants us to come to him, broken and hurt. He wants to mend our brokenness, he wants to make all of our pains go away. He wants to lead us by the hand to an eternal life with him free of all the bondage of this world. Today I thankful that I can go to him broken and he will mend me.

blizzard of 76_2March 15, 2018 – Weathering the Storm

This winter has had more storms than the previous winters, but they are still mild compared to some I’ve been through. I weathered the blizzard of “76” in a small apartment in downtown Cleveland, across the street from the Colony Motel. They had a 50 foot or more metal sign that went straight up in the air, but by the end of the day the wind had bent it all the way to the ground.

Cars were stuck on all the roads and freeways and you couldn’t see a foot in either direction. We sat there watching the news on TV as they showed pictures of a city buried in snow several feet deep. They officially closed the city down, asking everyone to stay off the roads.

I drove through part of a hurricane in Florida. They dismissed those who lived in area “A” and area “B” so they could go take care of their property or evacuate if necessary. Ken and I had evacuated twice in the past years, going all the way to the other side of the state, but this time he was no longer with me, so I just went home, battened down the hatches and sat the storm out.

The drive home wasn’t easy for the wind kept blowing my wipers off the end of the windshield and I had to keep putting my hands out the window to get them going again. I lived in a small mobile home in area “B”, just fifteen minutes from Clearwater Beach, and while most of the people in the park evacuated, there were those of us who really had nowhere go.

Yes, I’ve weathered all kinds of storms in my life, the kind that come from the nature and the kind that come from man. I’ve been alone, I’ve been abused, I’ve been heart broken, and I’ve been used but I have made it through all of my storms. Today I am thankful that no matter what storm I need to weather, Jesus is there to guide me safely through.

jesus doorMarch 16, 2018 – By My Side

I wasn’t the popular kid is school. I kind of fell between the popular kids and the nerds. I was nerdy but still didn’t quite fit into the group of young professors. I had a few friends but still wouldn’t win any popularity contests, so I kept. to myself a lot

I learned early on in my adulthood that I couldn’t trust very many people, so I learned not to trust anyone. I felt alone, even when people were around me, even when I was in a relationship because of these trust issues, and in many circumstances I was right not to trust.

There have been times, though, when the Lord has sent someone to be by my side, if even for a short time. When I moved to a rural area, it was because I liked the attitude of people in small communities. They stick together, they have more of a “village” attitude than what you might find in larger cities.

I know, because I had always lived in the cement jungles and unless you lived in one house for years and years, the neighbors normally didn’t want to know you. You could not depend on them to help in a time of need and you couldn’t expect them to keep an eye out when you weren’t home.

I love this little town, and since then God has put so many good people in my life that I never have to worry if someone is by my side. Today I am thankful that I always have Jesus by my side, but also that he has given me so many who would stand by my side.

heartsMarch 17, 2018 – Heart Beats

The heart rate of a normal heart is 60-100 per minute, the younger you are, the less beats per minute because you are more active and your heart doesn’t have to work as hard, as you get older it may increase as you decline in activity, because it has to work harder to pump blood through your system.

The beats per second can increase with nervousness, tension/stress or emotional responses. It should go back to normal when the reasons for these are gone.

Certain medicines can cause your heart beat to increase, beat erratically, flutter or skip beats just as certain medical problems can do the same. Other medications can slow your heart down, and when you sleep at night, your heart rate will be slower than when you are about, moving around and exerting yourself.

The heart is the main muscle that keeps blood flowing throughout your whole body. It is part of what keeps you alive. When a heart is damaged through bad habits, bad health, birth defects or illness or accident, it doesn’t always beat as it should. Medical advances today can help people with heart problems lead a normal and healthy life.

Even though some scientists and medical researchers will not admit, your heart is directly connected to your soul. That is why, when you are grieving, you may have a strange feeling and even pain in that area, or when you are happy it may feel like it is skipping a beat or beating faster.

I’ve dealt with a broken heart a few times in my life, and while it was not a good feeling, I understood why it felt the way it did. I’ve had my heart skip a beat or beat faster when I have had good news or something happens to make me happy.

I’ve also had it change the way it beats with certain medications that have been prescribed. I listen to my heart. I don’t listen to just how it beats, but how it connects with my soul and sends me messages, sometimes good, sometimes not so good, sometimes happy and sometimes sad.We feel joy, sorrow and sadness in our hearts.

My heart aches for those who are going through troubled times and sometimes it hurts for those who have lost loved ones. This is not something I feel in my head, but right in the part of my body where my heart beats. I feel joy in the same area when someone shares their with me, and I feel happiness there for those who have finally found some. Today I am thankful to the Lord for every beat of my heart.

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