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Questions and Sunlight

question markMarch 18, 2018 – Questions

I went to the altar at a revival in the first foster home I was in. I believe that it was an emotional response to what everyone else was doing. There were many people who had gone forward, where kneeling and praying, and many of them with tears streaming down their faces. I was told by the pastor that I was saved, but I don’t think that I was saved until I went to the altar again in February 1993.

As I attended churches in different cities I lived in, I heard preachers say you shouldn’t question God, you should just accept what his will is and live with it, but human nature, the desire to know, pushes us into questioning just about everything in our lives. In fact Pastor Olsteen was quoted as saying “don’t question God, just trust him”

If we can go to him and ask him for something, if we are to talk to Jesus in a manner in which we would speak to a beloved friend or family member, then why would it be wrong to question him about things we don’t understand. I believe he often answers those questions.

Habakkuk, Moses, Job, Sarah, and Gideon are just some of the people who question God and he not once struck any of them down for asking questions. We are to treat him, accept him as our father, and children always question their fathers. All of the disciples, and especially Thomas question Jesus the whole time he was with them.

I talk to Jesus like he is sitting or standing right next to me and I have often questioned him. How else am I to learn what he wants me to learn. By questioning him about certain events and situations in my life, I have learned patience, kindness and perseverance. I have gained strength, knowledge and trust through questioning him. No he doesn’t always answer every question, but he has put in my mind the answer to many of them

When my son passed away, he had many problems. His heart was broken because of the family splitting up and his children living so far from him. He had just been diagnosed with a fatal disease and may have never been healed by the treatments and would have suffered horribly from it, He was in pain all the time due to injuries to his back and he had a habit, from what I’ve been told, that he just couldn’t get away from.

The answer I got from the Lord was put simply like this “he would never be lonely or heart broken again, he would never be sick again and he would never feel pain again. He would never have to fight any more battles against the evils of this world. Today I am thankful that I can question my Lord.

James 1: 5-6 5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all [men] liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. 6 But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

sunrise-in-the-countryMarch 19, 2018 – Sunlight

God has allowed man to find the answers to many problems through scientific and medical research. For example, we know that plants need sunlight in order to grow correctly and supply us with nutrients and vitamins that we need. We also know that sunlight is the best way for humans to absorb vitamin D, a most important vitamin that we need plenty of to stay healthy.

Sunlight also lights up our day and warms us. Without it we would live in virtual darkness on a very cold planet without any crops or vegetation able to grow. Our existence would be bleak to say the least. Our internal clocks would be out of whack and our world would be filled with more crime and violence than ever because people could work under the cover of darkness.

Scientific research has shown that people who are not exposed to enough sunlight can become depressed and anxious, often turning to hurting others or hurting, maybe even killing themselves. The suicide rate in the northern part of the country, around Alaska, where the seasonal changes do not match the rest of the country are much higher than they are anywhere else.

There is nothing that man has accomplished or learned without the permission of God. Many have taken that knowledge and accomplishments and used them in destructive and evil ways, but there are many who have taken them and used them to help mankind.

I love to sit outside on a sunny day and yet there have been times when, as much as I enjoy the sunlight, I have had to stay indoors. Sunlight helps us, but it also has a dangerous side to it. If it is too hot out, we suffer from famines, dried up water sources, burned up vegetation, loss of livestock, heat stroke, and sunburn. We have destroyed the protective layer that God created around the earth to protect us from too much heat from the sun and its destructive rays.

With our experiments in sending up aircraft to reach other planets and the tons of pollution that drift up into the atmosphere 24 hours a day, we have created problems for ourselves. It’s a win, lose situation. Like almost everything else in this world, there is a good side and bad side, still the same, I love the sunlight and today I am thankful for it.

Genesis 1:14 – And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years

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