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Knowing God, Anger, Seasons and Reasons

Hands holding the worldMarch 20, 2018 – Knowing God

We go through our lives meeting many people. Besides or relatives, there are so many that we meet. Pastors, teachers, friends, co-workers, neighbors, bosses, clerks, business owners and doctors are just a few. Some come into our lives and stay there, others are there for awhile and then are gone, moving away, or maybe you moved away or as happens in some cases, some of them pass away.

Friendships are made and sometimes they are unmade. Marriages bring more relatives, more children and maybe more friendships. Moving from one place to another you will meet new neighbors, maybe new co-workers, new pastors, new bosses and new teachers.

Some of the people leave a lasting impression on you while others may be forgotten easily. Some impressions are good and some, not so good. It’s the impressions that people leave that make them memorable.

Knowing people is a way of life. You get to know people your whole life. Some you get to know very well, others are just passing acquaintances. Some people you might not care to know too well while others may peak your interest and you want to know them better. Knowing God can be a challenge to some because they don’t take the time to really know him, but today I am thankful that I made a choice to really know God.

anger faceMarch 21, 2018 – Anger

Anger is such a horrible feeling, and yet there are those who actually thrive on it because it has been a major factor in their lives. They have been through experiences that have evoked anger, and some have been raised in angry households.

I don’t usually anger easily, at least not now, not the way I used to. God has shown me over the years that many of the things that I was getting angry about were not even worth my energy or time. It’s an angry world we live in now, and everyone thinks they have the answer.

The trick is to step back, look at what is making you angry and see if it is worth you tying yourself up in knots, raising your blood pressure and stressing you out. Chances are it is either something minor or something you have no control over, something you cannot change.

The youth of today are being misled. Social media, news outlets and peer pressure assure them that they have a lot to be angry about. Since the governments have intervened and told parents how they can punish their children, the children no longer learn the basic morals of life because the parents are not allowed to teach them or haven’t made the time to teach them.

I’m not going to say that I never get angry. That would be a lie, but it is usually a defense mechanism that kicks in when I think that I am being wrongly accused or treated. Today, though, I am thankful for the times the Lord nudges me and urges me to step away from this horrible emotion.

the four seasonsMarch 22, 2018 – Seasons

There are supposedly four seasons on this planet. Winter, summer, spring and fall. For years farmers could rely on knowing what to expect with each season. By studying the skies, the soil, the wild plant life they could judge when it was time to plant. By watching their crops grow, they knew when it was time to harvest.

But the seasons have changed. They no longer act as they should. Winters have been extremely mild, starting later and ending extremely brutal well into Spring. Sometimes it seems we go from summer right into winter or from winter right into summer, bypassing spring and fall.

I’m sure some of it has to do with global warming. Part of it has to do with the way we have destroyed the atmosphere with jets, rockets, and pollution. And yet we keep bombarding our atmosphere with all kinds of garbage, caring more about progress than preserving the planet. Although scientists explain that the earth will be around for awhile, if there is no nuclear war, they predict at some time it will break its orbit and fly out into space.

When you look at life, it seems that we go through seasons also. Spring might last from the time you are born until well into your young adult life. Summer comes when you finish school, choose a career and maybe a spouse and start raising a family. Fall is when there are major changes. Children grow up, go out on there own, start careers and families of their own and start having children of their own.

Your retirement comes, the children are grown and gone, and your body is starting to go through physical changes associated with getting older. Winter is debatable. Many believe winter is when you go into “old age”, where you look back on the past and start wishing you had done some things different. Others, like myself, believe that Winter can be a period of time in your life when things go wrong, when everything looks bleak for the future. I believe I went through my winter already, for almost twenty years.

My old age is my summer because I am no longer saddled with the woes of that winter, nor do I have the responsibilities of being a bread winner or parent anymore. Now is the time that I enjoy a peaceful time. Even though I am busier than I assumed I would be at this age, it is still a calmer, more enjoyable time. Today I am thankful to have made it through so many seasons and thankful that, at last, I can enjoy my summer.

older woman prayingMarch 23, 2018 – Reasons

You’ve probably heard it many times in your life, “there is a reason for everything”. I’ve heard it so many times that I often find myself repeating it to others when they are going through trying times. The truth of the matter is that God has a reason for everything, and we are not always informed on what that reason is.

Sometimes we go through the a deep valley, where everything looks impossible and no solutions seem to be coming to the forefront. Other times we might feel we are on the mountain, singing to the sky, yet still slightly afraid of falling over the precipice, back down into the valley again.

We will go through many valleys in our lives, and probably stand on as many mountain tops, but the valleys always seem to overshadow the times we are on the mountain. For everything we go through, good or bad, God has a reason. Maybe we are supposed to learn lessons that we can pass on to others, maybe we are supposed to inspire someone with our strength, and maybe we are to be reminded of our weaknesses.

There is a reason for everything. There is a reason that he created seasons for us. There is a reason he made the earth round instead of flat. There are reasons for each animal he has made, each plant, flower and tree.

There are reasons we go through the valley, maybe to face what happens when we rely on our own actions and answers than seeking the ones God has for us. There are reasons we stand on the mountain top with our hearts full of joy as he gives us rest from the valleys, and there are reasons we have to climb from the valley to the mountain top.

There is a reason why each of us are here. He may not tell us what that reason is, but he works all things to eventually exact his will. Today I am thankful that God has a reason for why I am here.

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