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Catching Up

doggieI know that I am way behind, but I do have a legitimate excuse. I don’t want any of my followers thinking I have given up. My laptop bit the dust a few weeks ago. I dug out an old E-machine (I think it was 13 years old) and was trying to use it until I could get another laptop or PC.

Using it was very frustrating as it froze up all the time, not just when on the internet, but when I was trying to write also. I actually had to finally give up on posting the recent three articles until the new (slightly used) PC got here, which it did yesterday. If the E-machine had moved in slower, it would have been moving backwards.

Anyway, it will take a little while to catch up so bear with me. I have no intention of giving up on sharing the things I am thankful for and some of the inspirations I believe I receive from the Lord. If what I write helps one person, brightens one person outlook or day, then it is worth every effort. In the meantime, here is a cute little doggie.

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