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Little Prayers, Little Blessings, Inspiration, and Seasons

oldman prayingApril 2, 2018 – Little Prayers

I pray a lot. I pray in the morning. I pray over my meals. I pray at bedtime and I pray when I see on my social media that someone is requesting prayers. Some days as I go about trying to get chores done, doing some research and trying to work on projects, it seems like I am constantly sending up those little prayers.

In the last few days, immediate answers were sent to some of these little prayers. You see, the lord doesn’t care if you are uttering a long drawn out, explicit prayer or just a shout out to him for an immediate answer. All he cares about is that we believe in him and depend on him.

My memory is not as good as it once was. I haven’t been diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. From the research I have done, it is related to different stresses and getting older. I can walk into a room looking for something, but because my mind is going in twenty directions at one time, I can’t remember why I went in there.

It is not unusual for me to carry something through the house and forget where I laid it down, not because I am feeble minded, but because I wasn’t focus on what I laid down, my mind was moving on to other things. Just the other day I went out and started the car and locked the doors. I have extra keys, but one was in the ignition and the other, I assumed was in my purse……in the locked car.

I almost panicked when I didn’t see Rich’s shoulder bag either, because he keeps an extra set on there also. But I stopped for a minute and thought about it. Lately I have been carrying the extra set with me so they wouldn’t get locked in the car. I said a little prayer, walked to the kitchen, and there they were on the table by the back window, not a normal place where I would have laid them down.

Today I am thankful for the immediate answers to small prayers.

cardinalsApril 3, 2018 – Little Blessings

Sometimes it is the little blessings that seem to count the most. It is the ones we don’t pray for, but the Lord sends them down to us anyway because he loves us and knows everything we might be going through. He knows that sometimes we just need a little boost, a little bit of joy or happiness interjected into our day.

He knows us inside and out because he created us. He knows our pain, our guilt, or concerns and our worries. He knows what inspires us, what lifts our spirits, what makes our day brighter and he often uses different elements from his own creations to do just that.

Maybe you’ve been going through a gloomy period in your life and just need a little extra sunshine, or maybe you just need to be reminded of the blessings you already enjoy and the prayers that have already been answered.

I love nature and it is through nature that the Lord has cheered me up, reminded me that he is still in control. There are days I will feel down, but I walk out on the back deck and there will be a Cardinal sitting in the tree singing at me, or a Dove feeding just feet away from me on the seed I put out earlier.

Often, there will be a squirrel on the kitchen roof, just chattering away and looking over the edge at me or maybe he will be sitting on the garage or back fence and stops what he is doing to look at me as if to say “good morning, your day is going to get better”. Just the fact that these animals, although they won’t come too close, will sit and listen to me talking to them, gives me a lift that I badly needed. Today I am thankful for the small, surprise blessings the lord sends me.

jesus doorApril 4, 2018 – Inspiration

When I was writing articles for other sites, I was just a beginner. Some of them have rules like not writing in the first person or attaching websites where you got your information from. For the most part, I thought these were really boring articles, but I was getting paid to write them.

The OCD part of me, the perfectionist part of me always wants to go the extremes to do something the best that I can. I am very detail oriented, in fact sometimes so much that people shy away in the middle of conversations with me.

Wanting to write the best that I can, I started reading articles on how to write good articles, how to put together a book and where to find your inspiration. For the most part, what I read really did not help me in my writing except for the part that said to focus on what inspires you.

What inspires me? Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God, the Bible, nature and Love are my inspirations. When I think about my past life, before accepting Jesus, I see how very dark it was. I was deep in depression, I was dwelling on the abuse I had been through, the way people had used me, and the things that I, myself allowed myself to get involved in.

When I gave my life to Jesus, it was like the clouds rolled away forever. The darkness that hovered over me like a thick blanket suddenly disappeared and sunshine came into my life. When I think about how he died for us, how we can be forgiven and when I read the bible, I am inspired more than I have ever been in my life.

Today I am thankful that my inspirations come from the one who gave his life for us.

the four seasonsApril 5, 2018 – Seasons

Ah, yes, I’ve talked about seasons and levels before. In fact I have repeated several subjects in my writing, but each time I find something new to write about on the same subjects. Sometimes it is like the Lord is whispering in my ear, telling me that someone needs to hear the words he gives me.

While we are raised to believe there are only four seasons in the world, Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring, we definitely have season we go through in our lives, and I believe that there are a whole lot more than four, they just don’t have names because there are too many of them.

I can imagine that just about everyone I know has gone through the seasons several times in their lives. They have experienced several falls, when certain things seem to slow down or are getting close to falling away, and then the Winter comes and it is cold and gray. Spring comes later down the road when the grayness turns to bright sunshine and new things start to develop in our life, and Summer, when everything is bright and sunny and we enjoy the blessings that come at the end of the other three season.

I’ve been through all the seasons, over and over again, but I have noticed that I always learn something from going through them again. As each one shows itself, it gets easier to handle because I already know what comes next. It is the attitude, the spirit in which we work through the less liked seasons that will actually help us through. If we stand strong, trust the Lord and use the knowledge we have gained, then those gray seasons seem to be a whole lot shorter that they used to be. Today I am thankful for the Lord teaching me through the seasons.

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