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Reminders, Stress Relief and Plans

rainbowApril 6, 2018 – Reminders

Our minds are incredible organs. We can focus on one thought or we can have different thoughts reaching out in different directions. One though may have many extensions to it or it can lead to another thought which will trigger other thoughts.

Our memories are the same way. Sometimes one will get caught in a cycle that leads to other memories which eventually lead back to the original memory. Our memories are a bank of experiences, people and places. If you tried to put all of our thoughts and memories into a computer bank, you would probably have to have several main frames and the information would be never ending because we are always thinking, always making new memories.

Satan likes to use our emotions, our past, our mistakes, our sorrow and our memories to attack us. Even though I know that I am forgiven for all my past sins, and even though I ask the lord to show me my current sins so I can repent, there are times that memories come flooding back of the person I used to be.

God gives us reminders by using our thoughts and memories. It might be an odor, a place, a person or a sound that is used as the trigger that propels us into those memories of the past, but the way you look at them when they are brought to the front makes the difference on whether you allow them to tear you down or build you up. I look at these memories as reminders from God of where he brought me from. Today I am thankful for those reminders for it shows me how much he loves me and how truly blessed I am.

Ephesians 4:32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other as Christ forgave you

older woman prayingApril 7, 2018 – Stress Relief

Everyone experiences periods of stress, even little children. Sometimes those periods of stress are brought on by events or people around us, but many times we bring the stress on ourselves. We are worry-warts and tend to look at things in a perspective that builds them out of proportion.

Something small can become something huge if we allow it to cause us undue worry or fear. I know this from past experiences. I used to spend many sleepless nights tossing and turning because of worrisome problems. I was always stressed out over everyone’s problems, not just my own. I always felt like I was supposed to solve their problems, find solutions for them.

At some point in my life, God started showing me how to relieve my stress. He started by pointing out to me that not everyone should be looking to me to solve their problems. He started showing me just exactly how I was becoming an enabler. How I was allowing people to take advantage of me when I thought I was helping when, in fact, I was keeping them from growing and learning how to take care of their own problems.

He moved me to this small, rural town and showed me the beauty of the nature surrounding it. He sent birds and squirrels to my back yard to lift my spirits and he put many friends and extended family members in my life. When I get stressed I just have to take a look back at what he has done for me, of how blessed I am, and the prayers he has answered and my stress over any given situation is relieved. Today I am thankful for stress relief through my lord and savior, Jesus the Christ.

Matthew 11:28 Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest

Hands holding the worldApril 8, 2018 – Plans

There are times when I ponder the past and it just baffles me how I could have gone so long without believing, without looking to the Lord. I was led to believe that I was saved in the fourth grade because I went to the altar, crying, because everyone else was emotional, during a revival, when in fact, I don’t remember praying to him at that time, I just followed the crowd.

In 1992 I was invited to a children’s Christmas program at a church. After I attended there, I felt drawn to start looking for a church to attend. I found that I could ride the church bus, it was for anyone to attend, not just the children. In February 1993, when I again went to the altar, this time, I knew why I was there and accepted Jesus as my savior.

As the years have gone by, as I look back and see what he has done for me, done for others, it amazes me that I could go so long in unbelief. It totally astounds me that he even let me survive until that night I went to the altar and accepted him.

As I have read his word, as I have walked and talked with him, I have learned that he has a plan for everyone. In the bible, in several instances like with Moses and Jonah and even Paul, he allowed them to know what his plan for them was.

He doesn’t always tell you what his plan for you is, and many people question why they are here, but he does have a plan for everyone. Some become preachers, some become teachers and some become healers and still some are in the background in the role of servant.

He can use a person to be an example, he can use a person to say the right thing at the right time to the right person, he can use a person to complete some small task that will inspire another or others to complete some giant tasks. He doesn’t always tell you what his plan is, be he has one for everyone. Today I am thankful, even if I don’t know what it is, that he has plans for me.

Jeremiah 29:11 “for I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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