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Catching up on a Few

eyeApril 17, 2018 – Three Lives

I’ve read a few different versions of the Bible. I’ve read the King James, the New King James, the Good News Bible, the NIV Study Bible and am presently reading the Prophecy bible by John Hagee. What I like about the John Hagee Bible is that there are footnotes that tell you what is going at the time that particular book you reading was written and other inserts here and there that gives you some insights into interpretations of certain verses, books or chapters along with Diamonds for Daily Living.

I have other books that I have picked up at thrift stores including several put out by Readers Digest, including “Jesus and His Times, Great Men of the Bible and After Jesus”. These books are very informative. They go into detail about the way people lived, the laws of the rulers, the laws of God, the battles that were fought and the different early versions of the bible.

One insert that I read in the John Hagee Bible got my attention. He talks about the fact that there are three lives talked about in the Bible. The physical life- union of the soul with the body, the spiritual life – the union of the soul with God and the eternal life – eternal union of the soul with God.

I also look at three lives we live, the first is our past life before we knew Jesus, the second is our present life serving and believing him, and the third is our eternal life when we join him in heaven. Our past life is a reminder to just how sinful we were, our present life is trying to live and do as he wants us to, which in society today is a struggle, and the third life starts either when we pass away of when the Rapture comes, whichever comes first.

Today I am thankful for the knowledge learned from the first life, the opportunity to serve him which comes from the second life and the eternal life I will have with him some day.

cardinalsApril 18, 2018 – The Cardinals

I love nature. I’ve mentioned this several times in other articles. I like to walk through the woods, drive through the country, and watch the actions and habits of the animals. When I was younger, I climbed mountains, I went hiking and I swam in lakes and streams. I connected with nature, it seems, in a natural way. I always felt comfortable around it.

I’ve lived in some very congested cities, like Cleveland, Ohio and Largo Florida, and for the most part I never enjoyed big cities. I remember telling my foster sister in a letter, when we moved to Cleveland, that when it rained, mud rolled down the walls.

I live in a small rural town now and I don’t think I will ever move again. I’ve had a family of raccoon on the back deck who just looked at me when I walked out and didn’t flinch. I’ve talked to possums outside and even a skunk when it walked through the yard. We have had a variety of squirrels that have hung around whatever house we lived in, often coming right up on the porch to get nuts, or sitting up in a tree chatting at us.

In the summer it is not unusual to have Blue jays, several varieties of Sparrows, Robins, Starlings, Doves and Cardinals eating together on our back deck. We try to keep food out for them on a daily basis and even though they fly away when we come outside, they always come back.

My favorite, I think are the Cardinals. They are so beautiful and they are more social than most people think. A male Cardinal will sit and watch over his mate while she eats. There have been many times when they have actually come up to the window sill and looked into the kitchen, and few times there has been one up in the branches singing at me in the morning, not flying away when I talk to it. One superstition about Cardinals is that they are a sign that Angels are around, another states they are the spirit of loved ones letting us know they are still around and some believe they are messengers from God.

While I am not superstitious, I like to believe that God could/would send animals and birds our way to brighten our day. Today I am thankful for the beautiful cardinals in my back yard.

older woman prayingApril 19, 2018 – Better Than Some

When I was younger, I was active all the time. Even though my mother said I had asthma, and my older sister said I had horrible attacks when I was little, I don’t remember them. I only remember on asthma attack the six years I was in the Foster homes and it was brought on by extreme emotional distress.

When we moved back in with my mother after the foster homes, she had be taken out of physical education because of my asthma (even though I wasn’t having any attacks) but every time her back was turned, I was running, jumping and exploring without any problems.

When I was younger, I felt like I could go on forever, nothing could hold me back. I very rarely got sick and when I did, it was usually gone in 24 hours except when I had what they called the Asian flu. For most of my life, even though I made no effort to take care of myself, I was pretty healthy, so when I got older and decided I needed to pay attention to my body, it was a shock when I started having different diseases show up.

First it was high cholesterol and a slight re-occurrence of the asthma. Then they told me I was depressed and had osteoarthritis. A few years ago I showed up with uterine cancer which they were able to get all of because it was caught early on. Today I suffer from several other maladies, some of which cause me a lot of pain, and some of which, if not kept under treatment could eventually kill me.

We are at the hospital and clinic several times a week, and as I look around at some of the people there, my heart breaks when I see their suffering and pain. Today I am thankful that I am doing better than some of them, and I give all the credit to my Lord who has taught me how to cope with my illnesses in more positive manner.

bibleApril 20, 2018 – God’s Word

I can remember trying to read the bible many years ago. It didn’t take long for me to put it down and just let the pastor of the church guide us in what to read. Not only were some areas just completely boring to me, like the genealogies, but with other verses and chapters, I just couldn’t grasp their meaning.

But as the years went by and I became closer to Jesus, I kept trying. It was still a struggle but I kept trying and I actually read several different versions from cover to cover. I did online bible studies and I went to mid week bible studies at church, but I still had problems staying awake when trying to read certain parts of the book.

As the years have gone by, Jesus has worked with me on understanding the history of our creation and the word of God. I make it a habit to always read a chapter from the Old Testament and the New Testament each morning, and I flip through the bible and online sites when I am trying to write an article, still, sometimes I don’t completely understand what I am reading. This last couple years I have been reading more and have finally discovered what a great and interesting book it is. Sometimes passages just jump out at me and I can’t put the book down. I have come to realize just how exciting a book it is. Today I am thankful to be able to read and understand Gods word.

common senseApril 21, 2018 – Adjustments

I guess I am becoming an old fogie. I like things just a certain way and can get cranky when something isn’t just right. We all have to make some adjustments in our lives because our lives are constantly changing.

We may go from being healthy to developing sever ailments that we didn’t plan on. We have to adjust our lives to deal with these. We lose people we care about and love, family and friends and often we have to make adjustments in our schedules, living arrangements and financial status to compensate for the void left behind by their demise.

We get older, we get weaker, and often are not able to do some of the things we used to. We might not be as energized as we used to be, or we may have handicaps caused by injury or illness and we have to make adjustments for that.

I’ve had to make a lot of adjustments many times in my life. My living conditions have changed from bad, to good, to very good,and back to not so good several times, so adjustments had to be made. While I still like things just a certain way, I am thankful that the Lord has been giving me patience over the years to make these adjustments that need to be made.

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