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turtle speed limitLimitations

I was standing out on the back deck looking at the yard and thinking about what really needed to be done to it. The old rickety garage that will some day fall down has weeds growing all along the side that really should come down, but Sam, the guy that mows and weed-eats for us can’t get to them because I have old wood from the tomato plant and pots and other gardening stuff scattered along there, making it impossible for him to get to the weeds.

I know I need to do it, but it will take me awhile as I don’t have the energy and physical strength that I used to have. I have to do some chores in increments instead of whipping them out in half an hour or so like I used to do.

As I thought about these limitations, Kim came to mind. She was a little woman that Ken and I would visit at the nursing home. She was born with a type of debilitating arthritis and club feet. She had never walked a day in her life. Her family couldn’t take care of her and that was why she lived in a nursing home.

She used to come to church in a van that would drop her off in her wheel chair and then come back and pick her up, but at some point that was stopped because the family just couldn’t financially afford to do it anymore.

Kim had an outlook on life that amazed me. Even if we could tell she was having a rough day when we would visit, or was not feeling well, she would get this big smile on her face when she saw us and tell us that she was just doing wonderful, feeling blessed and praising the lord.

You see, she never complained. She was happy to be alive, she was happy to have family and friends that cared for her, she was happy to be in a “good” nursing home and she was totally devoted to the Lord. She never looked at her situation as being limited. She never once thought she had any limitations. This was her life, she accepted it, thanked God for it and lived it.

I felt ashamed of myself when she came to mind. How could I, a person who has had mobility all her life, one who has enjoyed things like swimming, going on hikes and picnics, driving or walking without any effort feel sorry for myself over my limitations, when she had never nor would ever enjoy any of these things.

I think the Lord was impressing on me that I don’t have limitations, I have a case of stubbornness. I have been unwilling to realize that I have gone to a new level and at different levels things are done differently. It is not necessary for me to do everything at once and it is not necessary for me to let little things become big things. In thinking that way, I am creating my own limitations.

Like the good father he is, he is always teaching me.

Psalms 147:5 Our Lord is great, and rich in power; his understanding has no limitation.

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