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Rose Colored Glasses

rose colored glassesRose Colored Glasses

We meet a lot of people in life. Some are family, some are friends, some become family and others remain just acquaintances or strangers. There are different people that come and go in our lives that leave a lasting affect on us. There are also those who are in our lives for the long run.

We have those that leave a bitter taste in our mouths when we think about them and we are usually very glad when their journey takes them far from us. There are those that we like, and those that we love, and those that don’t make a big impression on us one way or another, and there are those who absolutely inspire us.

She always has a smile on her face when you see her, and hugs are always there for free. She doesn’t look for arguments, in fact she will try to put a more logical, positive spin on anything that has negative overtones.

As her one friend said “she looks at the world through “Rose Colored Glasses” and I have to fully agree. She loves nature, she loves taking pictures of her farm and especially the sky. She is enthralled with the things that God has created.

She never complains even though some would say she has a right to. Unlike some people who have been through their own personal hell and came out bitter, she came out more thankful for what she does have.

Her faith amazes me. She never seems to worry about what she needs, she says “My Father” will take care of it or “it’s on it’s way” and she is always right, for eventually what she needs appears, sometimes through direction from the Lord and sometimes he has it delivered right to her front door.

We relate on so many levels and think so much alike, but I don’t think I am her equal when it comes to looking at the world through “Rose Colored Glasses.” I still struggle with anger, disappointment and worry at times, but, hopefully some day I will attain the gift of being able to look through “the Rose Colored Glasses” like my little sister does.

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