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Every Precious Moment

heartsEvery Precious Moment

Get off the computer, turn off your phone, turn of the radio, television, iPad or iPod or whatever device you have on. Sit down somewhere, outside or inside, wherever you are most comfortable, where the weather will permit, where you can have a few moments of peace and quiet.

Just sit there for a moment and take in your surroundings, listen to the lack of noise, enjoy the fact that there is no interruptions from any electronic devises, enjoy the fact that you sit there, quiet and peaceful in the presence of only God, and maybe have a small conversation with him.

Next, start thinking of interactions you have had over the last few days with your kids, your spouse, your family, your friends and even those you work with or see at the stores, doctors office, library or other public venue. What were those interactions like. Did you talk to everyone you met, at least saying hello or giving a hug , a handshake, a pat on the back or “how are you doing”?

This world has become so fast paced, so technical that we often miss the opportunities for someone to affect our day or for us to affect their day in a positive way. It seems that we are always rushing around and no matter what we do, we don’t have enough moments in the day to do all that we push ourselves to do.

When my son was little, I missed a lot of those precious moments. Because I got involved with the wrong individual and ended up in an abusive situation that it took me years to get away from, I was not allowed that special time with him, as much as I would like to have had and I missed out on many things I wanted to say to him. I had to work double shifts or two jobs and he would be asleep when I got home. This person did not allow me to be the one to take my son anywhere because he knew that I wouldn’t come back if I could get away anywhere with my son.

I tried to make up for this when I got away from that evil human being, but my son was already an adult, working and raising a family of his own. We had special times with family, and he and I had a strong bond, but that didn’t replace the time we lost together when he was small. I lived with him and his family off and on for seven years, but still because I had to work and he had other obligations. But he was grown up now and those childhood special moments could not be regained.

There are so many precious moments you might be missing, especially if you allow your children to be enveloped in electronic devices, especially if you are hooked on them too. Don’t make yourself so busy that you miss those family times together or those one on one talks that you and they don’t even realize you need.

I have regrets, I’ve lost so many precious moments with my relatives, with friends, with loved ones because I made such huge mistakes when I was young. I lost a lot of precious moments with my siblings because of my mistakes and sadly I only have one sister and one half-brother left.

I try to make as many precious moments as I can. I guess later is better than never. I reach out more to others than I had time to before. I consider every encounter, every conversation, every interaction as an opportunity for precious moments, maybe not always for me, but possible for others as well. I thank God for the precious moments I do have to hold on to. Don’t lose out on all those precious moments you can have, remember that tomorrow is never promised.

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