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Jesus with children 2Blessed

My normal morning routine is to make my bed before putting my coffee on, gather up laundry and take it to the kitchen. Then I put the pot on, grab the dish by the back window, throw a handful of food on it and go out and check on the stray cat that has been living around these four yards for the last few years. Even though she is a stray and lives outside, I am still concerned for her in this icy cold weather. I then take my coffee to the office and sit down to do my morning reading and prayers.

We had an ice storm yesterday. You couldn’t hardly see it. It was like a fine mist falling but freezing everything as it came down. In fact I have to try and defrost the car that looks like a giant ice cube sitting in the driveway shortly to go buy ice, because our freezer broke down.

As I walked back in the back door and the warmth of the house and smell of fresh brewed coffee hit me, I though “how blessed am I”. I have a warm place to stay in out of the cold. I have warm clothes to wear, a car, nowhere near new, but it starts no matter what the weather is and I have food to eat. I have people around or near me that love me, I am truly blessed.

Then the pictures of homeless people reminded me even more of how much I really do have, how God has always watched over me. Even though I was homeless a few times, it was never for long and it was never in weather like this. It was always just a short space of time before I had another roof over my head.

We are a small town but we do have homeless people. I wasn’t able to find out the statistics for our area but the United States Inter-agency Council on Homelessness estimates that there were approximately 6,037 who experienced homelessness in Missouri in 2017. This is just the the number they know about. I am sure there are many more that have not been counted.

I have several different problems with my joints and bones. I hurt in the morning, I hurt in the afternoon and I hurt when I go to bed, but that pain is dulled by the medications I am prescribed. When I think about the homeless, I often wonder how on earth they survive. If I was in that state of existence right now, especially without my medications, I would be in a very sad shape.

According to national standards my income is just slightly over the poverty level. In fact, for most of life I have lived very close to that figure. There were a few times I have been “comfortable” but I have never been what they call rich. I don’t think I have even reached the “middle class” category but a few times in my life. I was raised poor without understanding that I was poor and I have lived poor most of my life and it has never really bothered me.

I guess it’s because I am a millionaire in a different way. I am abundantly loved, I am saved by grace, I am forgiven of my sins and I am assured a place in that mansion in the sky.

My needs are always met, the ones that I must have, and when something small happens like the freezer breaking or the dryer quitting, I just go on and do things the way poor people do. In fact, it is my belief that when things really go south, as they eventually will, it will the farmers, the people raised on how to survive in the woods and the poor people who will survive the easiest.

Mathew 6:19-20 Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in, but store for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth and rust destroy and thieves do not break in or steal

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