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The Heart

The Heart

A healthy heart is important. This heart that pumps 80 beats per minute, is what keeps the body going. It pumps blood to every part of your body. If that blood flow is interrupted, major problems including death can occur. People are more health conscious today than they were 10, 20, 30 years ago. They are eating healthier and exercising, keeping check up appointments and staying in tune with their bodies.

There are all kinds of health and physical problems that can cause an unhealthy heart. Some of them are genetic, some are related to birth defects and many are related to an unhealthy life style.

But there is more to being heart healthy than just leading a healthy life style. Almost every one of us has had damage to our heart at sometime in our lives. The heart, your spirit and your soul are connected and cannot function right if those connections are broken. There have been recorded instances of people having heart attacks from fright or from devastating events such as the loss of a loved one. People have keeled over from heart attacks and/or strokes when they find that the god they served (money) was suddenly gone, that their empire had crumbled.

Our hearts need much more than just health and medical care to function correctly because they are connected to the soul and spirit. They need to be full; full of hope, love, kindness, sympathy and empathy. Love received and love given is one of the most important necessities for a healthy heart. Love of the Lord and knowing he loves you in return is the highest love to be achieved.

All of us have had heart damage at some time in our lives, whether from the loss of a loved one, a parent or sibling or from severe depression and self esteem problems where we are made to feel like we are not worthy of the love and care of others.

My last heart test was normal, which surprises me considering all the abuse I subjected my body to when I was younger. By all standards I should have suffered the consequences of my drug and alcohol use, I should have suffered the consequences of depression and mental and physical abuse, but I don’t and that definitely is a “God” thing.

Sure, I have some medical and physical problems that slow me down from what I used to be, but I am told they are age related and that most people start getting them when they are in my age bracket. But my heart is full. It is full of the love of Jesus. It is full of the love and care of those around me. It is filled with kindness, sympathy and caring from family and friends.

Sometimes it fills so full I think it might burst.

Does your heart feel emptier than it should be? Fill it with the greatest love available, that of Jesus and soon you will find yourself surrounded by others who genuinely love and care for you. There is no better feeling than a full heart.

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