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It is “Christmas” Not “Happy Holidays”

Author: Lori Carter There are times when I will awake with an article in my mind. Usually it is something that I feel needs to be said and I believe that many of these times I am being directed by God. Often times I let the article bounce around in my mind for several hours […]

It Could be a Wonderful Life

Author: Richard Carter As I walked through the hospital waiting room I glanced up at the TV. The Miracle on 34th St. was just beginning.  I signed in and luckily for us they were busy in the treatment area. It took a while for them to call us back and we got a bit of […]

Are You Going to the Party?

Author: Lori Carter In two days there will be a celebration. This celebration will be held worldwide. It is a birthday party, one that will put all others to shame. It is the birthday of a very important individual. It is not that of the President of the United States, nor that of any Senator, […]

One Christmas

One Christmas (Original post from Positive Mornings December 21, 2011) Just about everyone has one Christmas that sticks out in their mind. It might be because of a special gift they received, something exciting and important that happened, or the appearance of a special guest that brightened their day. Some of us have memories, also […]