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It’s a God Thing, A Taste of Spring, Fresh Air and Learning

February 11, 2018 – It’s a God Thing Not long after I became a born again Christian, I had a young lady tell me I had done a 360 degree turn around in my life. I no longer wanted or participated in the things from my old life. I didn’t need a drink, and the […]

Accomplishments, Grand-Kids, Laughter and Research

June 11, 2017 – Accomplishments We strive hard during our lives to create a good life, to accomplish goals. We work hard in school because our parents expect it from us and our teachers tell us it will benefit us later in life, and basically you need that piece of paper to start opening the […]

Wisdom, Understanding, Being Proactive, and Goals

January 16, 2017 – Wisdom When we are born into this world, it is without the wisdom we need to survive. As we grow older we learn and depending on our environment, or parents and teachers we may learn many good things or we may learn many bad things. We absorb knowledge all of our […]