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Material Wealth, True Values, and Money

March 8, 2018 – Material Wealth I’ve talked about material wealth a few times. It’s never been a big issue with me. Even when my friends and co-workers would brag about the diamond ring their husband got them or the new house or car they just bought, I felt no envy. I was thankful to […]

Communication, Over Again, and Moments of Clarity,

February 15, 2018 – Communication I’ve heard many people say that God doesn’t talk to us anymore. They claim that he quit talking to the human race after the death of Jesus or after the last apostle died. I’m not sure where they got their information but I, for one do not agree. Granted, we […]


January 22, 2018 – Perspective How many words do we use in a day that we assume we know their meaning? I’m finding day by day that on most I know the general definition, but maybe not the full one. Merriam-Webster defines “perspective” as the interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally […]

Siblings and Big Bertha

January 15, 2018 – Siblings I have often felt sorry for those individuals that were raised without the advantage of having brothers and/or sisters. Even though there are times when we are young that we sometimes feel like we want to be an only child, which is entirely normal, in the end we are thankful […]

Memories and Fears

January 13, 2018 – Memories When I was finally delivered from a twenty year abusive relationship and looked back over my life, I truly believed that I had no good memories. After spending six years in foster homes, two of which were bad and having been sexually abused in one, I was certain there was […]

A Plan, Upright and Warmth

January 9, 2018 – A Plan I’ve always been the type of person that seeks knowledge. I was so glad when the internet was developed, and even gladder for all the information that is posted there. You can research just about anything you want on there from “how ants live” to “how to get rid […]

Running Water, Watching Over Me and Lemonade

January 6, 2018 – Running Water Camping has long been a vacation pass time for many families. There are many people, young and old that love to be out in the wild, to experience what it feels like to get away from our fast and social, technical world. Most vacation camping spots that rent cabins […]