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Memories and Fears

January 13, 2018 – Memories When I was finally delivered from a twenty year abusive relationship and looked back over my life, I truly believed that I had no good memories. After spending six years in foster homes, two of which were bad and having been sexually abused in one, I was certain there was […]

The Stranger

For every black eye that healed, for every bruise and knot on my head that eventually went away, for all the stitches, aching limbs and headaches that are now gone, there were still internal scars that just would not heal over. They were caused by the events that caused all of these injuries and memories […]

Worry, Retirement and Childhood Memories

March 25, 2017 – Worry “Quit worrying, you’ll get gray hair”. We’ve all been told this or heard it said to someone else in our lives, probably several times over. While I don’t know whether worrying will cause gray hair or not, it causes stress which can cause havoc with your physical and mental health. […]

By His Stripes and Memories

March 27, 2016 I had a lot to learn about Jesus when I first accepted him as my savior. I turned to him when I was n fourth grade, at the first foster home, but I wasn’t given much guidance. I was given bible verses to memorize, I was told to follow the ten commandments, […]