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Grocery Stores, Gods Plan, Gods Silence

July 22, 2016 – Grocery Stores Yes, there were stores back in the days of Jesus. There were open air markets where people could buy their produce, there were stalls where they could by spices, silks, silver, jewelry and sacrificial animals. They were usually located very close to the palace or temple depending on what […]

Depression, Prayer and Happiness

June 26, 2016 – Depression We go through many emotions during our lifetime, most of them repeatedly. Happiness, joyfulness, anger, grief, depression, sadness, and fear are just a few of them,. There are many that fall in between one or another. Scientists and medical experts have given many of them sub-categories like “severe depression”, “chronic […]

Something Positive, Massacre and Healing

June 11, 2016 I could tell you a lengthy sob story about my previous life. I could get into horrible details that would make you cringe, but the sad fact is that many women have gone through what I went through, many women today are going through the same things. But I am not getting […]

A Positive Attitude

In mathematics we are taught that the addition sign, the plus sign is called a positive, while the minus sign is called a negative. When you add something you gain something, when you subtract you lose something. Have you ever noticed that the plus sign is also a cross, similar in composition to the cross […]

Are Your Reservations Confirmed?

Author: Lori Carter When I was a new Christian, I ended up being very confused. I heard sermons that said you were to go out and spread the world. I heard sermons that gave off a whole list of things you should be doing for other people. Then I heard the commercial sermons where you […]

Your Participation is Required

Author: Lori Carter The tale goes something like this. “There was an elderly gentleman that lived by himself in a small, rural town. He was a devout Christian, attended every service at church, read his bible, gave to the poor, and belonged to every charitable group in town. One summer it rained severely and the […]

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Author: Lori Carter Last week I was Forty-two, kneeling at an altar, accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Today is my birthday and I am sixty-one. The years seem to slip by so fast. I would like to believe that I am a year wiser, that I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge […]