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Family For many years I didn’t understand what family was all about. I guess it was partially due to being raised for several years in foster homes, some good and some bad. The last one, however was the only one where I actually felt like I was part of the family. I loved them so […]

After the Rain, Mom, Normal Days

May 30, 2017 – After the Rain We’ve had some weird winters here the last few years. Instead of snow we had rain, and instead of ice, we had rain, and instead of sunshine, we had rain. Rich says he’s beginning to think we live England. Many people believe it is the result of climate […]

The Written Word, Little Victories and Inheritance

June 14, 2016 From the beginning of time, man has kept a history of events. Until around 3200 BC in Egypt and 1200 BC in China, most everything was passed down by word of mouth. For the most part, when we did begin to keep written records, they were in picture form. When the Hebrew […]

Good Days,Giving it to God and Tests

May, 23, 2016 I am amazed at how busy I am as a retired person. It seems like there is something almost everyday that I have to run out and do. Visits to the hospital, doctors appointments, refills on groceries, gas in the car, paying bills and sometimes doing something I want like thrifting seems […]

Peace, Mother’s Day, and He’s Coming Back

May 7, 2016 Far Away in the depths of my Spirit tonight, rolls a melody sweeter that psalm; In celestial strains it unceasingly falls; o’er my soul like and infinite calm Chorus: Peace, Peace, wonderful Peace, coming down from the Father above! Sweep over my spirit forever I pray in fathomless billows of love. What […]

A Labor of Love

Author: Lori Carter When I first became a Christian, I had no real understanding of what that meant. It is the same when I first became a mother. I wasn’t taught much about how to be a mother. I was separated from my own mother for many years due to her mental illness, and when […]

A Slap on the Hands

Author: Lori Carter When I was growing up, discipline was a major factor, not just with my mother, but with all of my foster parents throughout the years. Now-a-days, the children seem to run the home. Spanking is considered child abuse, and when these kids grow up and start hurting people, everyone wants to know […]

One Christmas

One Christmas (Original post from Positive Mornings December 21, 2011) Just about everyone has one Christmas that sticks out in their mind. It might be because of a special gift they received, something exciting and important that happened, or the appearance of a special guest that brightened their day. Some of us have memories, also […]