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Rain, Windows and Fire

I know that some of my posts may seem silly or boring, but the plan is simply to show that there is something in this world to be thankful for every day of the year. Its a lesson in thinking positive, it is a lesson in working toward a goal and reaching it and it […]

The Power of the Word

Most people, especially Christians would assume this article is about the Word of God. It is true that there is power in the Word of God. There are passages, verses, stories and instruction in Gods Word that applies to every aspect of lives, short term and long term. Getting into his word daily gives you […]

Harder Times

Author: Lori Carter The world is a mess; there is no doubt about that. There are approximately over 1,400,000 violent crimes committed in U.S. on a daily basis. These include rape, abductions, murder, assault, robbery and so much more. There are continuing conflicts and wars being fought since before, during and after 9/11 in Afghanistan, […]

The Power within Our Will

Author: Richard Carter A hearing was about to take place, a hearing to decide a man’s fitness, his ability to keep his job. The mining board had heard many other cases, those of individuals with personal problems, and those of physical injury like my grandfathers. He had been between two coal cars that were connecting […]