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The Stranger

For every black eye that healed, for every bruise and knot on my head that eventually went away, for all the stitches, aching limbs and headaches that are now gone, there were still internal scars that just would not heal over. They were caused by the events that caused all of these injuries and memories […]

New Life, Past Sins, and One More Year

April 25, 2017 – New Life There is nothing more precious than new life. When a mother and father look at and hold their just born child, there is such a feeling of wonder, awe and happiness that courses through their veins. They, with the help of God, through their acts of love help create […]

Of Past Mistakes

Author: Lori Carter Originally Published on Positive Mornings 9/14/2011 Note: I am relocating some articles from Positive Mornings to More of Positive Mornings today.   I awoke this morning thinking about past mistakes I have made in my life. Looking back, naivety was one of my worst problems when I was younger. I was willing […]