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Knowing God, Anger, Seasons and Reasons

March 20, 2018 – Knowing God We go through our lives meeting many people. Besides or relatives, there are so many that we meet. Pastors, teachers, friends, co-workers, neighbors, bosses, clerks, business owners and doctors are just a few. Some come into our lives and stay there, others are there for awhile and then are […]

Death Defeated, Spring has Sprung and Good Friends and Neighbors

April 16, 2017 – Death Defeated There have been many times in a lot of peoples life where they feel they have cheated death. I can name several incidents in mine where I cam very close to dying. I thought, for some of them, it was through my own instincts and will to survive that […]

Farmers, Carpenters, and a Foretaste

February 9, 2017 – Farmers Farmers have always been around. If you read your bible, you would notice that in the early centuries just about everyone was a farmer of some sort. Some grew fields of grain, leaving anything that fell on the ground for the poor and widows to gather. Some raised sheep and […]

Spring, Plants and Free Days

March 9, 2016 I love to watch the beginnings of Spring. The birds are more lively, squirrels are running around like crazy and even the possum in the garage seems to be out scavenging more often. Spring is the season of renewal. It’s when all that has been sleeping in the earth wakes up. Trees […]

Natural Curiosity

March 1, 2016 I was a nerd. Yes, I was one of those kids that had my nose stuck in a book all the time, got straight “A’s” consistently and won all the Citizenship, Honor list and Deans list awards. I never got anything less than perfect on all my studies until my senior year […]


January 25, 2016 We’ve had a really dreary winter. Instead of the normal snow we used to get, it seems that it has rained an awful lot. I don’t know if it has anything to do with global warming or not, but I know that over the years our season have changed a lot from […]

Spring Cleaning in the Winter

Author: Lori Carter I’m a pack rat. I admit it. I love to go to thrift stores, yard sales, antique malls and flea markets. I always come home with at least two bags of stuff!! I will see a vase, or some trinkets, or some material and think “I can use that, or I can […]