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Chronicles, Easy Choices and Hot Water

June 28, 2017 – Chronicles I’ve read the bible from cover to cover several times. I have read different translations, The Original King James, The NIV, the NIV Study Bible, John Hagee’s Prophecy Bible, and the Good News Bible are the ones I have in my library now. I also own the whole Left Behind […]

Running Water, Eyes and Ears

July 14, 2016 – Running Water Nomadic tribes didn’t have a chance to bath daily. If their travels took them past a lake, river or stream, they may have made camp to replenish their water supplies, water their animals and bath. Men and women bathed separately and a women who was having her monthly was […]

Running Water and Shoes

March 4, 2016 In the time of Jesus, people lived in small villages made of little one room, mud brick house. They didn’t have bathrooms, baths were only taken for purification reasons before entering the Synagogue and they had no running water. The women would be up at the break of day preparing to do […]